Radiance of Azshara's avatar

Radiance of Azshara

Updated on 21.2.2023, 14:47

Using her handmaiden as a willing sacrifice, Azshara has forged into being an elemental of storm and magic. Powered by the soul of the devoted vassal, the resulting monstrosity is the avatar of Azshara's radiance.

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Fight Summary

This is a two phase encounter with a stationary boss and an intermission phase when it reaches 100 energy. 

You can be knocked into the water on this encounter and if you are in the water you will get the Waterlogged debuff which reduces movement speed and haste by 33% for 10 seconds, and take damage for the duration you are in the water.

There are several strategies for raid positioning and movement for this encounter, you can be stacked and move as a group every time a Arcnado spawns or you can be spread around the room. I would recommend being spread around as its more Mythic friendly.

The diamond markers on the map represent add spawn locations for the Phase 2.

Phase 1

Radiant Fury - If you touch the water in the middle of the room where the boss is you will be knocked away and take a large amount of Arcane damage.

Unshackled Power - When this is cast the entire raid takes arcane damage. Happens periodically ~every 20seconds.

Tide Fist - This is the tank swap mechanic of the fight. When this is cast the tank will be knocked back and take 200% more physical damage for 20 seconds.

Arcnado Burst - Three  players will be targeted and have an Arcnado spawn on them. The Arcnado will spin around its spawn location outwards. It will do a total of 3 cycles before despawning.

Arcane Bomb - Several non-tank players will receive this debuff, and after 10 seconds the bomb will explode dealing heavy Arcane damage and stunning all players within the area. This debuff is dispellable however it will leave the bomb in the location it was dispelled.

Squall Trap - Shortly before phase 2 begins (~90 boss energy) the boss will spawn these traps around the room. If any player makes contact with one it will deal small amounts of Arcane damage 3 times to the player, and spawn an Arcnado.

[Heroic] The Squall Traps will not despawn. You will either need to clear them gradually during Phase 1 or deal with less space in the room.

When the boss reaches 100 energy the Stormwraith will spawn in one of the designated areas and will start to cast Focus Power. If this casts is complete it will deal 500% more damage and the raid will wipe. 

You can locate where the Stormwraith will spawn from its spawn animation.

Phase 2

Ancient Tempest - The boss will be buffed with Ancient Tempest making it take 99% less damage and deal increasing Frost Damage, pushing you away from the Eye of the Storm, and reduce your vision. You will take no damage once you are inside the Eye of the Storm.

The Eye of the Storm is situated where the Stormwraith is. You will want to position the Stormwraith towards one edge of the safe area and have players stand so that the large open area is behind them.

The Stormwraith has one ability you will need to pay attention to and that is Gale Buffet. Each time this is cast the raid will be knocked away from it and will take more damage every cast.

The Arcane Bomb mechanic still happens during this phase, so players who recieve this will want to move to the side to be dispelled to allow for the raid to still be knocked back into a safe area.

Stormlings will spawn whilst the Stormwraith is active and continually cast Chain Lightning.

Once the Stormwraith dies you are returned to Phase 1.


Two Stormwraiths will spawn, so the raid will want to be split in two teams to deal with this. They will need to be killed at similar times as when the Stormwraith dies the safe area will despawn. If one dies too quickly that group will die from the Ancient Tempest damage.

Tank Damage Profile

40% Physical
35% Nature
25% Arcane
35% Auto Attack 
20% Auto Attack from Phase 2 

Tanking Notes

Swap on each cast of Tide Fist

Locate the Stormwraith when Phase 2 begins

Avoid Arcane Bombs and Arcnados

Class Tips/Tricks

Brewmaster Monk

Place your Transcendence near the boss before Tide Fist is cast on you to negate the knockback effect

You can move through the Squall Traps without triggering them by having Transcendence pre-placed on the other side

Vengeance Demon Hunter

You can leap over the Squall Traps with Infernal Strike

Infernal Strike after the cast of Gale Buffet to negate the knockback from it

Protection Paladin

You can soak full lines of Squall Traps with Blessing of Spellwarding and Divine Shield

You are unable to block melee swings from the Stormwraith.

Protection Warrior

You can leap over the Squall Traps with Heroic Leap

Intercept after Gale Buffet is cast to negate the knockback from it

The Chain Lightning casts from the Stormlings can be Spell Reflected

You are unable to block melee swings from the Stormwraith.

Guardian Druid

Use Stampeding Roar to help the raid move to the Stormwraith in Phase 2

Skull Bash after Gale Buffet is cast to negate the knockback from it

Place Ursol's Vortex on the Stormwraith to allow for easier cleave on the Stormling adds

Blood Death Knight

Death's Advance can be used before Tide Fist is cast on you to negate the knockback effect

You can use Anti-Magic Shell to soak the Squall Traps

You can use Death's Advance to negate the knockback from Gale Buffet

Grip the Stormling adds onto the Stormwraith to allow for easier cleave