So’leah’s Gambit - Tazavesh

Updated on 21.2.2023, 14:47

Welcome to Tazavesh, the Veiled Market! As of 9.2, this dungeon has been split into 2 halves and both have been introduced into the M+ rotation. For M0 megadungeon and hard mode purposes, please visit the Wowhead guide written by Mandl 

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You start your adventures in this dungeon with murlocland! Be careful as the pulls can get pretty big in here -- there is HIGH potential of pulling too much or wiping.  Just take it slow and give yourself lots of room. All of the murlocs run away at low health so always be ready with stuns or quick damage swaps to make sure they die before pulling something else. 

Aim for at least 38% trash before pulling the first boss!

Murkbrine Shorerunner 

  • These are just non-elites that don't have any mechanics! 


Murkbrine Fishmancer

  • Waterbolt - interrupt - magic damage to tank
  • Volatile Pufferfish - interrupt / void zone - can let this cast go through and just move out of the swirly it puts on the ground


Murkbrine Shellcrusher

  • Shellcracker - tank hit -  deals damage and knocks the tank back a little
  • Cry of Mrrggllrrgg - stun & enrage - enrages all murlocs and makes them deal 50% more damage


Murkbrine Wavejumper 


Murkbrine Scalebinder

  • Invigorating Fish Stick - priority target & stun (high priority) - totem it summons will make all nearby murlocs take 25% less damage and heal them
  • This mob has the highest potential to make a pull go very badly. If you don't stun the original cast or leave the Fish Stick up for too long, the entire pull can heal back up and leave you struggling. Prioritize it above all else!


Coastwalker Goliath

  • Tidal Stomp - priority target - deals group damage and increases damage taken from subsequent casts by 100%
    • This makes pulling 2 at once, or even 2 back to back (before the debuff runs out) VERY dangerous, don't do it if you can help it
  • Boulder Throw - avoidable damage - dodge void zone, deals damage and knocks you down


Stormforged Guardian 

  • Crackle - avoidable damage - turns to face a random player and puts a lightning line down, don’t stand in it 
  • Charged Pulse - avoidable damage - makes a big circle around themselves; deals nature damage to everyone within 15 yards + a knock back


Once you make it inside the building, at the intersection, head left to get to the boss.


Tazavesh, the Veiled Market - Boss #6
  • Keep boss faced away from group and side step Titanic Crash
  • Keep laser beam from covering too much room
  • Kill Vault Purifiers when they spawn
  • Sanitize
  • One person checks the main console at the back of the room and calls out position of the orbs
  • Slot the orbs into the correct spot before he finishes his cast

DPS should never be in front of the boss, he does 2 main frontal attacks:

  • Shearing Swings - tank damage - a heavy physical damage attack on the tank
  • Titanic Crash - a frontal cone that the tank can side step as well

He will also periodically:

  • Summon 2 Vault Purifiers 
  • Purged by Fire - targets someone with a laser beam, try and keep the puddles it leaves behind from blocking off the edge of the room/consoles

At 100 energy he will channel Sanitizing Cycle and becomes immune to damage.

  • 4 colored orbs will spawn, everyone should grab one
  • Whoever doesn't have an orb needs to check the console at the back of the room to get the color pattern for the orbs
    • Only they will see the display panel
    • Use voice coms or world markers to direct your group on which color goes where
    • See picture below for more details
  • He will slowly begin covering the room with a golden ground effect, you don't have much time until it covers the edges of the room 
  • Putting them in with the wrong order will damage and stun the whole group


Hop into the new portal and off we go to yet another zone. Once you arrive just follow the path to the right and clear the boss area. 

Burly Deckhand

  • Disruptive Shout - group damage - deals group damage to everyone within 40 yards
  • Super Saison - enrage - buffs their damage by 100%; you can stun it but they recast it immediately afterwards


Hourglass Tidesage

  • Brackish Bolt - interrupt - deals magic damage to the tank
  • Tidal Burst - avoidable damage - puts swirlies where people are standing, dealing damage and knocking them up, just move out of them


Corsair Officer

  • Sword Toss - avoidable damage - faces a random direction and channels damage in front of them, group needs to dodge it

Timecap'n Hooktail

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market - Boss #7
  • Group should be in standard "Dragon Combat Stance" -- only tank in front, no one by the tail
  • Infinite Breath frontal cone will instantly kill any adds it hits
  • Tank can side step frontal once it locks in
  • Dodge swirlies on the ground

This fight is all about testing your ability to manage adds and move around an arena efficiently.

As the tank your main focus on this fight is going to be using the boss' Infinite Breath hit to keep the adds under control:

  • Corsair Brutes come out of the water almost consistently throughout the entire fight. 
    • These adds can be displaced with Grip, Ursol's Vortex, Typhoon, Ring of Peace, etc for easier control
  • They can be one shot if Hooktail hits them with her Infinite Breath
  • The better you do with killing the adds, the more your group can focus on getting the boss down quickly
  • She will follow you with her breath for 1.5 seconds and after that, she "locks in" so you can run out of it and not get hit yourself

In addition to the above mechanic

  • Cannon Barrage - the boat will be shooting at you throughout the fight, avoid the swirlies and the void zone they leave behind
  • Hook Swipe - does a tail swipe, dealing damage and grabs players and Corsair Brutes
  • Double Time - cast at 100 energy, increases the movement speed (+200%) and damage (+100%) of Corsair Brutes
  • Anchor Shot - fight the pull back and don't get dragged into the water

Hop through the portal and off we go to the final boss area! Clear the big area, you will need all of the space available for the final boss

Adorned Starseer

  • Drifting Star - avoidable damage - turns to face a random player and shoots off a big white orb in their direction, don't stand in it
  • Wandering Pulsar - priority target - will summon a little add that moves around dealing group damage -- this needs to be killed ASAP as it deals a lot of damage to the group!


Devoted Accomplice

  • Energy Slash - tank hit - deals physical damage to the tank and applies a stacking debuff increasing the damage of subsequent hits by 25%
  • Reinvigorate - interrupt (high priority) - heals themselves for 50% HP and applies a haste buff


Focused Ritualist 

  • Unstable Riftinterrupt (high priority)- deals heavy group magic damage
  • Hyperlight Bolt - interrupt - will deal magic damage to a random party member


Tazavesh, the Veiled Market - Boss #8
  • Trigger the Collapsing Star by running into it -- it has 4 total charges
  • Phase 1:
  • Interrupt the Shuriken Blitz cast by the So'Cartel Assassins
  • Phase 2: 40% health
  • Hit all 5 relics with Hyperlight Jolt
  • Dodge the projectiles from the runes during Energy Fragmentation
  • Run away from the boss and runes during Hyperlight Nova

This fight is broken into 2 Phases, and Phase 2 will trigger at 40%.

The only mechanic that persists between both phases is Collapsing Star:

  • Summons a large white glowing orb that has 4 charges
  • Running into it will apply a 3 second DoT to the party and remove a charge
  • You have 25 seconds to stagger out removing charges safely (don't overlap the DoT) before it expires after 25 seconds

Phase 1:

  • Hyperlight Spark - group damage -  unavoidable group damage, just needs to be healed
  • So’Cartel Assassins are summoned in groups of 2
    • Shuriken Blitz - interrupt (high priority) - will deal group damage and apply a bleed to all players if not stopped

Phase 2:  (she will heal to 100%)

  • Power Overwhelming - she links up with 5 relics and reduces her damage taken by 99%; to counter this you need to use:
    • Hyperlight Jolt - connects players together; use the red arrows as a guide and hit the relics with your jolt to disconnect them from her.
    • There is an image below showing this mechanic in action
    • She will keep recasting Hyperlight Jolt until all 5 links are broken
  • Energy Fragmentation - dangerous - explodes the relic and it starts to shoot projectiles, getting hit by several of these can easily kill you
  • Hyperlight Nova - anyone within 14 yards of her or the relics take a bunch of magic damage
    • this overlaps with Collapsing Star so be careful to go right back to getting the stacks off of it when this mechanic ends