Halls of Atonement

Updated on 21.2.2023, 14:47

Due to the nature of SL's nonlinear dungeon design and surplus of mobs/paths you can take through most dungeons there is no “perfect path” that can be applied to every group comp or even set of affixes.

As a result, this guide will only make generalized suggestions in terms of pathing and we recommend that you visit and check their MDT section to find a route that fits your group and comfort level.

For any feedback on this guide or if you have suggestions for changes, please visit us on our Discord server and let us know!

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Venthyr Covenant Bonus

Venthyr players are given an extra action ability to turn Loyal Stoneborne into allies, causing them to fight with you for a period of time, after which they'll fly away.

  • You can cast it on them again to grant a 10% damage reduction buff (Stoneborn Boon) for your party.
  • They are fairly tightly tethered to the location where they are initially tamed, so either drag them close to the mobs (or boss) you want to use them for before converting them or drag mobs over to them. 
  • You can use them on bosses, but you can only have 1 allied to you per boss encounter (if you have more, all but one will fly away prematurely) -- if you have 2 or more Venthyr players in your group, everyone can have their own, just not more than 1 on each person
  • If you have a priest, using Power Infusion on this mob gives it a HUGE damage boost (more effective than using it on a player for ST damage)
  • They will not add to mob percentage for the dungeon when they fly away

Your group will need to kill 3 Shards of Halkias to activate the first boss. The most common way to do this is the get the one on the right hand side of the dungeon first, followed by the two on the left hand side. Then you can drop into the courtyard. 

See the map below for Loyal Stormborne and Shard of Halkias locations:


Depraved Darkblade


Depraved Obliterator

  • Curse of Obliteration - interrupt (curse dispel) - a curse that does AoE damage around the player after 6 seconds
  • Wicked Bolt - interrupt (tank hit) - deals magic tank damage, not very high priority but can get dangerous in higher fortified keys


Depraved Houndmaster

  • Rapid Fire - frontal cone (avoidable) - will pair this with a jump 
  • Loyal Beasts  - disrupt (enrage) - the cast should be stunned or disrupted with cc/displacement effects if possible; increases all damage done by Vicious Gargons by 125% for 20 seconds 
    • If this goes off you need to be ready to kite the Gargons as at most key levels this will make them one shot you
    • The Enrage effect can be soothed off the Gargons but unless you have multiple soothes in your group with VERY quick fingers you'll get killed before they can do it
    • Loyal Beasts will only cast when the Houndmaster is below 50% health


Vicious Gargon

  • Jagged Swipe - tank hit (bleed) - can stack so be careful when there are multiple mobs in the same pull
  • Jaws of Stone - tank hit - deals a large amount of physical damage with no cast time

These mobs deal a VERY large amount of tank damage, in most casts it's best to just kite them and use displacement effects like Vortex and Ring of Peace, or slows to keep them away. Try to avoid using snares or roots on these mobs (Binding Shot, Frost Nova etc) while kiting as they will start to use their abilities on ANYONE in melee range, despite the tank having threat


Depraved Collector

  • Collect Sins - interrupt - inflicts damage and summons 1 Animated Sin every second for 6 seconds 
    • Animated Sin - they just roll around and do damage
  • Siphon Life - stun/displace - does damage and leeches back 50% of damage dealt, not interruptible but can be stunned/displaced
  • Neither of these abilities are dangerous on their own but since they’re usually paired with Shards of Halkias, interrupting and stunning this mob this can lower the strain on healers, especially during Thrash


Shard of Halkias

  • Thrash - group damage - VERY heavy group AoE damage with a 60 yard range 
    • They will not cast Thrash if they are not in melee range of their target so in theory on high keys when the damage is very high, the tank can keep kiting him to prevent the damage

Raging: if you don't have a soothe, kite the Shard when it becomes enraged



  • Always stay in the large circle around him or you get feared
  • Crumbling Slam (on tank) and Heave Debris (on ranged) - creates void zones
  • Refracted Sinlight - 4 beams rotate around him, don't touch them (can change direction)

Do not leave the big circle around the boss or you will be feared 

Kite him around slowly when he casts Crumbling Slam and Heave Debris to avoid the Glass Shard void zones it leaves behind.

  • Make sure you move slowly enough that your ranged players can stay within the confines of the circle.
  • Melee players should stay away from the tank as Crumbling Slam deals AoE damage
  • You will want to make one larger move right before his Refracted Sinlight cast so that you aren't having to move over Glass Shards to avoid the beam.

Refracted Sinlight - 4 beams will come out of him and they will start rotating around.

  • He has the potential to randomly change direction during the cast so don’t be too close to either beam, just stay in the middle.
  • He will cast this at 100% energy (after he places between 4 to 5 glass shard void zones, depending on how close to him you are on pull); use his energy bar to determine when you should move him to a clear zone for this cast

Stoneborn Reaver

  • Stony Veins - magic dispel - a stacking DoT that will instantly kill at 10
  • Turn to Stone - interrupt - decreases damage taken by friendly Stoneborn within 8 yards by 50% for 20 sec, and stuns all enemies within 8 yards for 8 sec


Stoneborn Eviscerator

  • Stony Veins - magic dispel - a stacking DoT that will instantly kill at 10
  • Eviscerating Dash - jumps on people, deals damage and applies Stony Veins


Stonefiend Anklebiter

  • Ankle Bites - tank alert - will stun random players with 0.5 second micro stuns which are annoying but can be deadly on a tank as it makes them unable to mitigate


Stoneborn Slasher

  • Stone Watcher - they will sometimes turn to stone and will not aggro if you run near them. You can use this to your advantage when going up the stairs to the second boss 
  • Powerful Swipe -  frontal cone (avoidable) -  damage and a knock back, this has a very short range so you can either sidestep it or backpedal to get out



  • Stonefiends - group them together, dps them down until they turn to stone
  • Shattering Leap - circle targeted on a player, position over frozen Stonefiends to kill them permanently
  • Curse of Stone - gradual slow followed by a 3 second stun

He will periodically summon 6 Undying Stonefiends; keep the boss in the middle of the arena to easily pick up the adds. When you dps them down they will turn to stone but will not die permanently. Their cast can be dangerous at higher key levels so focus them down and use AoE cc to control them.

  • Stone Shattering Leap is the only way to permanently kill the adds
  • Whoever is targeted will get a circle around them, move to get the immune Stonefiends in the circle
  • All other party members should move out of the range of Stone Shattering Leap as it deals a lot of damage
  • Classes with quick movement abilities (Blink/Shimmer, Disengage, Shadowstep etc) can move out of the Leap at the last second and avoid the damage
  • Group up the Stonefiends before they die so you can kill them all with one Shattering Leap
    • If you do not have an easy way to group them (ex DK with Gorefiend's Grasp, Paladin with Divine Toll) ensure NONE of your dps touch the adds at all when they spawn. They will not stop to cast until they take damage so if your dps wait, they will all run in to you)

Curse of Stone - curse - gradual slow over 5 seconds, ending with a 3 second stun

  • This is usually cast very quickly after Stone Shattering Leap so you need to be prepared to get into position quickly!
  • If you have curse removal in your group, prioritize the person with Shattering Leap so they can get into position
    • Alternatively if you have anyone with a snare removal ability (Tiger's Lust, Blessing of Freedom) put them on this player to help them position quickly

Blood Torrent  - void zones that spawn on the ground around players, try and bait them away from where you are stacking the Stonefiends


The next rooms are full of the same mob types as the courtyard. Utilize slows and line of sight using the doorways to group all of the mobs up and kite if needed. An AoE slow placed right in the doorway of both of the next pulls makes it easy for the tank to stay safe while allowing the dps to cleave. This is a very scary pull for tanks so don't try to be a hero and face tank it, start kiting early!

Make use of the 2 Loyal Stoneborne in the second area before the third boss if you have a Venthyr player. Use one on the trash and one on the boss. 


High Adjudicator Aleez

  • Volley of Power - priority interrupt
  • Bolt of Power - interrupt to lower tank damage
  • Ghastly Parishioners - fixate on someone; kite them to the vessels but don't get within 8 yards of them

She has two main casts:

  • Volley of Power - priority interrupt - deals damage to 3 people
  • Bolt of Power - interrupt - use spare interrupts on this to reduce tank damage. 

Ghastly Parishioners will be summoned periodically, which fixates on a player

  • Pulse from Beyond - kite them when fixated as they deal damage to anyone within 8 yards
  • Their fixate target can change periodically so your group needs to be paying attention
  • They cannot be dps’d down but instead bring them over to the Vessels scattered around the room. 
  • The Vessels will despawn so you can’t keep using the same one
    • It currently appears that they do not respawn although during beta testing they seemed to do so sporadically -- if they do they might not be lit up with red but are still usable
    • This makes this a very tough dps check on tyrannical weeks
  • Tank the boss on a Vessel to reduce movement for melee dps

Monks: Taunting the Ghastly Parishioners will give them a movement speed increase

Once you go through the mirror, you will enter the main area of the Cathedral with Inquisitor Sigar at the alter and Tormented Souls sitting in the pews. Aggroing ANY of the Tormented Souls will start the encounter so make sure you are ready and your group has ported in before hitting them. 

Inquisitor Sigar

  • Dark Communion - He will channel on 12 Tormented Souls, summoning a Manifestation of Envy from each.
    • While channeling this spell he will also leech health from them at a very fast rate
    • Your first priority is to kill the Tormented Souls 
    • Any dps put on the Inquisitor is wasted until all the Tormented Souls are dead
  • Disperse Sin - creates a Manifestation of Envy that fixates on players and leaves a void zone behind (currently on beta, they are not always fixating, section will be updated on live release)
  • Wicked Bolt - interrupt - not a high priority but interrupting it will minimize tank damage


Make sure your party is monitoring the entire room for orb spawns


Due to the large amount of mobs, this room can get really scary when the Tormented Souls start dying, slows and AoE cc will help keep your party safe.

Lord Chamberlain

  • Telekinetic Toss - throws a statue at a random player; check the way the statue is facing for direction
  • Stigma of Pride - tank DoT that gets stronger with each tick
  • Brings all of the statues to him with Telekinetic Onslaught and then pushes them out with Telekinetic Repulsion
  • * Ritual of Woe - party members need to soak the beam from him to the statues

The main gimmick of this fight is going to be dodging the movement of the 4 Statues in the room as he cycles through his abilities. Getting hit by a statue will deal heavy physical damage and knock back anyone hit. 

Chamberlain's filler abilities: 

  • Telekinetic Toss - avoidable damage - he will channel on one statue and throw it towards a random player. The direction the statue is facing is the way he will throw it.
  • Unleashed Suffering - frontal cone (avoidable)
  • Stigma of Pride - tank hit -  applies a non-dispellable DoT that ramps up in damage by 30% per tick for 18 seconds
    • Since it is such a long duration and does ramping damage, save your bigger defensives for later in its duration
    • Paladins: Can immune application with Blessing of Spellwarding or Divine Shield
    • DK: Can immune application with Anti-Magic Shell


Chamberlain will cast the following 3 abilities one right after another in this order:

  • Telekinetic Onslaught - pulls all of the Statues to him
  • Telekinetic Repulsion - pushes all Statues directly away from him 
  • Ritual of Woe - important - beams of anima come from the boss to each Statue
    • Party members must soak all 4 beams to prevent them from hitting the statues
    • If it reaches the statue it does pulsing shadow damage to everyone in the group
    • If it strikes a person it only deals the damage to them 
    • Standing close to his hitbox and in between 2 statues can make 2 beams hit you at once, experiment until you find a sweet spot and get comfortable with it