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Updated on 11/27/2022, 11:44:48

Eranog, commander of the Primalist forces, is relentless in his pursuit of power. With the Incarnates' release imminent, Eranog summons the whole of his army and will not hesitate to sacrifice his devoted followers to achieve victory.

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    Fight Summary

    Eranog is a two phase encounter where the soft enrage is determined by your Lava Flow placement. If they are placed poorly you may struggle in the intermissions and be unable to kill the Collapsing Flame adds.

    At 100 Energy (~1:30, ~3:30, ~5:30, ~7:30) Phase 2 will begin where Eranog will spawn "an army" of Collapsing Flame adds. Kill one (or more) to create gaps in the wall to survive.

    Phase 1

    Flamerift [Drop the Debuff] - This debuff is applied to 5 (max) random players. When it expires it will deal damage to all players within 4 yards, create a Lava Flow and spawn a Flamescale Tarasek. If you are fixated by one of these adds run back to the raid and aim your fixate line over the boss so the raid can AoE the adds.

    The Flamescale Tarasek adds can be gripped and displaced to keep them on top of the boss to increase raid DPS.

    Molten Cleave [Dodge] - This targets a random player and cleaves in that direction. Avoid!

    Burning Wound [Tank Swap]- Each attack will put a stack of this DoT on the tank. Swap at ~5 stacks.

    [Heroic/Mythic Only] Molten Spikes [Avoid] - Several players will be targeted and spikes will spawn from the ground. Move out of these areas (4 yards) before the spikes come up to avoid taking a large amount of Physical damage and being knocked away. Incinerating Roar will make all of the spikes explode and damage all players within 4 yards.

    Phase 2 - 100 Energy

    Collapsing Flame
    Spawn when Eranos reaches 100 Energy
    • Pulses damage on the raid.
    • Connects to other Collapsing Flames with a Lava Beam
    • Anyone caught in their path will take lethal damage.
    • If you survive this lethal damage you are stunned for 3 seconds.
    • Mythic Only: Eranog will spawn an additional army of Collapsing Flame around him, meaning you have two walls to break through.

    The collapsing flame adds will march towards the centre of the room, so you will need to kill one (or more) Collapsing Flame adds to create a gap in the wall to escape.

    Tank Damage Profile

    30% Physical
    70% Fire
    Auto Attack 

    Swing Speed: 1.5s (Can be delayed by casts & slowed with debuffs)

    Tank Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk

    Leg Sweep & Ring of Peace both work on the Flamescale Tarasek adds.

    You can transcendence over the beams in the intermission.

    Vengeance Demon Hunter

    You can Sigil of Misery to momentary stop the Flamescale Tarasek adds.

    You can Sigil of Chains to grip the Flamescale Tarasek adds together.

    It is best to use Fiery Brand at the end of your tanking period as the damage reduction is most impactful at this point.

    Protection Paladin

    Blessing of Spellwarding works to prevent you from gaining any Burning Wound stacks.

    Protection Warrior


    Guardian Druid


    Blood Death Knight

    Anti-Magic Shell works to prevent you from gaining any Burning Wound stacks. It is best to use this when you are on 0 stacks as any stacks you have currently will eat into the shield making it end early.

    Anti-Magic Zone is best used in the intermission whilst the raid is killing a Flame add as this is both the period of highest damage intake.

    Death Grip, Abomination Limb and Gorefiends Grasp all work to grip the Flamescale Tarasek adds.

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