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Sennarth, the Cold Breath

Updated on 10/13/2022, 6:30:44

Sennarth, Kurog Grimtotem's most vicious creation, is a massive arachnid infused with the unforgiving cold. Her singular purpose is to guard her brood of thousands, awaiting the day they'll hatch and enshroud Azeroth in a web of winter.

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    Fight Summary

    This page is purely speculative based on the Dungeon Journal. It will be updated as tests go on.

    Sennarth is a multi-phase encounter.

    You will first fight her on the floor of her chamber and as you fight her she will climb a staircase with multiple platforms.

    On each Platform Sennarth will summon Frostbreath Arachnids to help her.

    Based on how the room is laid out I feel the fight will play out as shown below. There are 4 platforms so Sennarth likely ascends every 25% and spawns an additional Frostbreath Arachnid on each platform and spawns none on the final platform.

    Fight her to the top of the staircase to reach the final phase and defear her.

    Climbing Phase

    Breath of Ice - This will create patches of Icy Ground in the arena.

    Icy Ground - Standing on Icy Ground will deal Frost damage every second whilst you are in it. You will also slide around making movement harder.

    Chilling Blast - Several players will be targeted by this mechanic. They will take a small amount of Frost damage over 4 seconds.
    When this effect expires or is removed Frost Expulsion will trigger.
    Frost Expulsion deals a high amount of Frost damage to all other players within 4 yards. Move away before it expires.

    The Dungeon Journal explictly states that Frost Expulsion is caused on expiration or removal indicating that it could be dispelled.

    Caustic Spiderlings

    Explode on Death
    • These spawn throughout the encounter.
    • When they die they will cast Caustic Eruption.
    • Caustic Eruption
    • All players within 5 yards are hit.
    • This removes any stacks of Sticky Webbing.
    • This destroys Wrapped in Webs.
    • Mythic Only Taking damage from Caustic Eruption leaves a 30 second debuff which increases damage taken from it by 300%. This effect stacks.

    Enveloping Webs - Several players will be targeted by this mechanic. They will take a moderate amount of Physical damage over 6 seconds and then drop Sticky Webbing.

    Sticky Webbing reduces your movement speed by 25% for 30 seconds, however it prevents you from being displaced and sliding. This debuff can be removed by Caustic Eruption.

    When you obtain Sticky Webbing 10 times you will be Wrapped in Webs which will stun you for 30 seconds. This debuff can be removed by Caustic Eruption.
    [Mythic Only]: Stacks required reduced to 5.

    Gossamer Burst - All players will be pulled towards the boss and take a large amount of Physical damage.

    Web Blast - This is a stacking debuff from special attacks from Sennarth. Each time you are hit by it you will take 50% more damage from Web Blasts for 30 seconds. 5-8 stack swap. Taunt when your debuff runs out.

    Frostbreath Arachnid

    Spawns On Each Platform
    • Frontal Cone which creates patches of Icy Ground.
    • Chilling Aura
    • Deals moderate raid wide damage.
    • Applies a buff on itself increasing Frost damage done by 25% per stack.

    Based on how the encounter arena is set up I suspect that the first platform will have one Frostbreath Arachnid and the second will have two.

    The Frozen Precipice

    Apex of Ice - When Sennarth reaches the top of the staircase she will channel this spell. Whilst this is being channeled Sennarth will take 99% less damage and deal increasing damage to the raid.
    This also creates Icy Ground on the final platform.

    In this Phase Sennarth keeps Chilling Blast and continue to spawn Caustic Spiderlings.
         • Enveloping Webs is now Suffocating Webs.
         • Gossamer Burst is now Repelling Burst.

    Suffocating Webs - At the end of the 6 second debuff the players targeted will now be knocked away. Sticky Webbing will spawn at their locations, and nearby players will be Wrapped in Webs.

    The raid should ideally bait this first cast so that the players targeted do not get knocked off and then for all subsequent casts you can obtain Sticky Webbing to prevent the knockback.

    Repelling Burst - This will push you away from the boss. Move close or get Sticky Webbing to avoid falling off the platform.

    Pervasive Cold - This buff is applied to the boss this phase which causes the raid to take 10% more Frost damage per tick until she dies.

    Permafrost - The ground below is now covered in Permafrost which deals stacking Frost damage every second whilst standing in it.

    Tank Damage Profile

    50% Physical
    50% Frost
    Auto Attack 

    Unkown until testing, speculated numbers above.

    Tank Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk


    Vengeance Demon Hunter


    Protection Paladin


    Protection Warrior


    Guardian Druid


    Blood Death Knight


    All Tanks icon All Tanks
    Blood icon Blood
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