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Updated on 21.2.2023, 14:47

Once you have the basics of each dungeon down and are looking to improve your play, we recommend that you start exploring the other resources you have available to you in order to improve your knowledgebase and personal class ability. We have numerous links below to other resources that will help you take what you learned in these guides a step further.

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Recommended Streamers

After doing it yourself, the second best way to learn any dungeon is to watch how other tanks pull it. Tanks are usually at a disadvantage in expanding on their M+ knowledge as we do not often get the chance to run with other tanks to see different paths and pull patterns. It's very easy to fall in the rut of always using the same path and strategies as a tank, mainly because we're never exposed to any others. Watching other streamers, especially ones who are known for their experimentation is a great way to see what new tricks you can add to your own arsenal. 

Some of the streamers we recommend are:


Trell is known for being a highly rated (and rank 1) Brewmaster throughout BFA. He has competed in several MDI and mythic+ events and multiclasses tanks and dps at a high level. Find him on the Titanforge podcast each week or on his Twitch channel!

Visit him on Twitch at:


Naowh has won multiple MDI championships for M+ and often plays a variety of tanks on his streams. He is also well-known for making tank-specific UIs that are very widely used in the community.  

Visit him on Twitch at:


Eltharien is known for achieving numerous Rank 1 and 2 spots for Protection Paladins in BFA. His goal in his streams is to show how to creatively overcome challenges for non-meta tank picks in high keys. He spends a lot of time experimenting with pathing and pulls to utilize the strengths of his class and offers good insight into how to optimize while still playing your preferred tank spec.

Visit him on Twitch at:


Dorki provides high level tank and dps content related to M+ accessible to all players. Known for pushing at the highest level as non-meta tank classes.

Visit him on Twitch at:

Class Specific Help

There are numerous resources for each class that can help you optimize your character by getting the latest updates on class changes, recommended builds, and gearing choices. Specific to M+ if you have questions about your own class or you find yourself struggling with a pull, just hop in and ask! There is so much you can learn from other tanks and the only way we get to see how other people are handling dungeons is to talk to each other about it. 

Protection Paladin

Hammer of Wrath - Paladin Class Discord

Icy Veins Protection Paladin Guide written by Panthea

Wowhead Protection Paladin Guide written by Lincoln

Blood Death Knight

Acherus - Death Knight Class Discord

Icy Veins Blood Death Knight Guide written by Panthea and Mandl

Wowhead Blood Death Knight Guide written by Panthea and Mandl

Brewmaster Monk

Peak of Serenity - Monk Class Discord

Icy Veins Brewmaster Monk Guide written by Sinzhu

Wowhead Brewmaster Monk Guide written by Llarold

Guardian Druid

Dreamgrove - Druid Class Discord

Icy Veins Guardian Druid Guide written by Pumps

Wowhead Guardian Druid Guide written by Pumps

Vengeance Demon Hunter

The Fel Hammer - Demon Hunter Class Discord

Icy Veins Vengeance Demon Hunter Guide written by Excidias

Wowhead Vengeance Demon Hunter Guide written by Itamae

Protection Warrior

Skyhold - Warrior Class Discord

Icy Veins Protection Warrior Guide written by Mwahi

Wowhead Protection Warrior Guide written by Llarold


Recommended Addons

Some of the M+ specific addons we recommend are:

Mythic Dungeon Tools -  easily one of the strongest external tools in a tank's arsenal when it comes to stepping up your game in M+ Dungeons. This tool will allow you to make your own paths in dungeons and will automatically calculate the mob percentage on a pull by pull basis. You can also visit to browse pathing that other tanks have put together, often broken down by specific affixes. Also check out your favorite streamer and see if they have released MDT paths for their preferred routes!

Angry Keystones or MythicPlusTimer or GottaGoFast - upgrades your dungeon timer to include more specific trash % and additional timer breakdowns. Not essential to your success in a dungeon but will give you some quality of life mid-key.

Astral Keys - this addon communicates with other users and is especially useful if you don't run with a set group. It will allow you to see your guildmates' and friends' keys on each character and will display your key to those people as well. Can assist with coordination of groups and planning your key runs. 

Premade Groups Filter - a quality of life increase addon if you use the premade group finder to find M+ runs. This will allow you to add custom filters to your searches such as only displaying groups that are looking for a tank. 

Recommended WeakAuras

M+ Auto Marker - a very helpful weakaura that will automatically mark important trash mobs in a pull (that have high priority interrupts, dangerous abilities etc) when you mouseover them. This is a must-have for being able to quickly assign your dps to kick or cc certain mobs, especially if there are multiple adds with the same name in a pack.

ZenTracker Party CDs - this will allow you to view all of your party's important cooldowns attached to their party frame. This shows both dps and defensive cooldowns, allowing you to preplan your pull size and who you can assign to handle certain mechanics. There is a little bit of additional set up you will need to do in order to set it up (explained on the main page of the link) but it is absolutely worth it to get this information!

Interrupt Tracker - another must-have weakaura that will allow you to track your group's interrupts. This will allow you to make call outs on who should handle certain casts, and is especially important when running higher keys as missed interrupts or accidental overlaps can lead to a wipe


Recommended Websites - at this point this has become an extremely well known resource for Mythic + Dungeons; however did you know that they also release weekly dungeon routes? Use the sidebar on the right to navigate to “The Weekly Route” and it will give you a basic route that you can use as a starting point before experimenting with more advanced routes or creating your own. - a clean website with a memorable URL that you can use to quickly check the affix schedule; this is especially important if you are trying to push dungeons as you can see when the easier affix combinations are next scheduled to come up.