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Driven manic by her defeat, Dathea strikes a bargain with Raszageth to attain even greater power. Imbued with a fraction of the Incarnate's strength, Dathea gains control of the wind itself and unleashes its ferocity to tear her enemies apart.

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Fight Summary

This page is purely speculative based on the Dungeon Journal. It will be updated as tests go on.

Yep. It's the same Dathea from Primal Council.

Dathea is a single phase encounter where the platform is small and she will try her best to knock you off it or at the very least annoy you with mechanics that knock you up in the air.

When Dathea reaches 100 Energy she will cast Coalescing Storm which summons Volatile Infuser (on Heroic/Mythic this also spawns Thunder Callers and Thunderbolts will trigger at the locations of the minions).

When a Volatile Infuser dies it will explode and trigger Blowback which knocks all players away.

Your soft enrage on this encounter is dictated by the amount of Raging Tempests active as each one deals raid wide ticking damage with Raging Winds. The longer the encounter the more Raging Tempests you have.

Boss Abilities

Empowered Conductive Mark - A random player in the raid will receive this debuff and take increasing amounts of Nature damage over the duration of the debuff. This debuff has 10 second duration. Similar to Conductive Mark from Primal Council this will duplicate on other players within 5 yards, however when it duplicates it deals raid wide damage.
[Heroic] Duration increased to 15 seconds.
[Mythic] This debuff does not expire, to remove it run to the corpse of a Voltile Infuser (Dormant Infuser) to give it 10 Energy.

Cyclone - Dather will create a vortex at her location and pull the raid towards her. This will deal raid wide Nature damage every second for 10 seconds.
If any player is pulled into the vortex they are knocked into the air.

Raging Burst - Dathea will fire this into the room and deal damage to all players within 6 yards of the impact point.
This will also create a Raging Tempest.

Raging Tempest - Any player who makes contact with a Raging Tempest will take a large amount of Nature damage and be knocked into the air.
Raging Tempests also deal raid wide damage with Raging Winds every 4 seconds.

Crosswinds - When this is cast the location of all Raging Tempests will change. When the Raging Tempests arrive at their new location all players within 8 yards will take a moderate amount of Nature damage.

Zephyr Slam - This is the tank swap of this encounter and you will swap on 2-3 stacks.
When the tank has been hit they will be knocked back and have a debuff applied which increases both their damage taken and knockback taken by 50% for 55 seconds.

The 4th hit onwards will knock you off the platform entirely and need to be negated with a charge like effect or getting hit into a tornado.

Aerial Buffet - If Dathea's current target is not in range of her she will do a ranged attack which deals a high amount of Nature damage.

After Cyclone Dathea will have Zephyr Slam queued and ready to cast and this takes priority over Aerial Buffet. If the tank is not in range it will be cast on the highest threat target in range which can kill melee DPS.

Coalescing Storm

When Dathea reaches 100 Energy she will cast Coalescing Storm which summons Volatile Infusers.
[Heroic/Mythic] Coalescing Storm also spawns Thunder Callers and Thunderbolts will trigger at the locations of the minions. Players hit by Thunderbolt will take a small amount of Nature damage but have the Static Cling debuff applied to them which increases their damage taken from Thunderbolt by 10% for 1 minute. This debuff stacks.

Volatile Infuser
Explodes on death
  • Interrupt Diverted Essence - This increases Datheas damage done by 5% per stack for 20 seconds.
  • Mythic Only: Diverted Essence does not expire!
  • [Tanks] Aerial Slash - Very high Nature damage. Should be tanked by the off-tank.
  • Unstable Gusts - Areas near the Volatile Infuser are targeted. Avoid the impact locations.
  • When the Volatile Infuser dies it will deal raid wide damage and knock everyone away.
  • Mythic Only: When a Volatile Infuser dies the corpse will remain on the floor as a Dormant Infuser, when this reaches full Energy it will respawn and remove all Energy from other Dormant Infusers.

Thunder Caller
Heroic/Mythic Only
  • Interrupt Storm Bolt

Tank Damage Profile

50% Physical
50% Nature
Auto Attack 

Unkown until testing, speculated numbers above.

Tank Class Tips/Tricks

Brewmaster Monk


Vengeance Demon Hunter


Protection Paladin


Protection Warrior


Guardian Druid


Blood Death Knight