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Broodkeeper Diruna is the fierce guardian of the Primalist nursery. She devotes her considerable strength to protect the unhatched and seeks vengeance for the one she lost.

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Fight Summary

This page is purely speculative based on the Dungeon Journal. It will be updated as tests go on.

Broodkeeper Diurna is a two phase encounter with lots of adds.

There are eggs in the room which you must destroy, however Broodkeeper's Bond prevents them from being destroyed so you will need to make use of the Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper to make her destroy her own eggs.

I suspect the strategy will be to have a team of players getting the eggs low and killing adds and a team from the boss to destroy the eggs with her staff.

When Diurna reaches 100 Energy she will cast Rapid Incubation which targets the two nearest eggs forcing them to spawn as Nascent Proto-Dragons.

Phase 2 likely begins when all of the eggs have been hatched or Dragons have been defeated and is the enrage phase.

Phase 1

It looks as though you may need to split your raid into groups, those that are dealing with adds and those that are on the boss so that the boss area isn't crowded. The mechanics that seem to force this are: Wildfire, Icy Shroud, Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper and Rapid Incubation.

Wildfire - Diurna casts this for 1.5 seconds and hits every player within 50 yards of her. This will deal a small amount of Fire damage and apply a DoT which ticks every second for 9 seconds.
This will also leave flames on the ground, which will explode a few seconds later dealing damage to any players within 4 yards of it.
[Heroic/Mythic] Wildfire now deals damage around each player.

Icy Shroud - Diurna casts this for 1.5 seconds and hits every player within 50 yards of her. This will deal a moderate amount of Frost damage, slow you by 30% and apply a healing absorbtion shield. This can be dispelled.

Mortal Stoneclaws - This is the tank swap of this encounter and presumably a 1 stack swap.
This attack will deal a large amount of Physical damage and apply two debuffs Mortal Wounds and Crushing Stoneclaws.
Mortal Wounds is a 65% healing reduction for 8 seconds. This stacks and cannot be avoided.
Crushing Stoneclaws is a Nature damage DoT which ticks every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. This can stack.

Broodkeeper's Bond - This buff prevents unhatched eggs from going below 1% health, and it stacks for every inact egg in the room.

Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper - Diurna channel this for 9 seconds and hits every player within 50 yards of her. It will tick for a small amount of Nature damage every 1.5 seconds for 9 seconds. After the channel ends she will gain the Greatstaff's Wrath buff.

Greatstaff's Wrath - This will increase the damage done by Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper by 10% per stack.
[Heroic] This begins with 2 stacks. [Mythic] This begins with 3 stacks.
Players who are within 10 yards of the Greatstaff can cast Focus Greatstaff (presumably an extra action button ability) which will consume 1 stack but create a beam from the Greatstaff to yourself dealing a moderate amount of Nature damage to all players within 3 yards..
If the beam hits an egg, the egg will shatter.
[Heroic/Mythic] Breaking an egg with Focus Greatstaff will enrage the boss with Clutchwatcher's Rage. This will deal a small amount of raid wide and increase her damage done by Clutchwatcher's Rage by 200% for 10 seconds.

[New] [Mythic Only] Static Field - This is left on the ground after the Staff spawns forcing you to move away from it around the room.

Rapid Incubation - Diurna will focus magic into the two nearest unhatched eggs and force them to spawn as Nascent-Proto-Dragons.

The Clutchwarren

At the bottom of the arena there are unhatched eggs. Whilst you are in the Cluthwarren your movement speed is increased by 15%.

Diurna's Gaze - If Diurna is within 50 yards of the Cluthwarren the movement speed bonus will be replaced by a 10% damage taken increase.
[New] [Mythic Only] Every 7 seconds you are within range of Diurna's Gaze you will gain a stack of Lingering Gaze increasing yourdamage taken by an additional 1% for 30 seconds.

For Mythic you will likely need two teams of 10 which will rotate between the boss & the add waves. I speculate you'd swap after each second add wave.


Hatched too soon
  • These spawn when you break an egg with Focus Greatstaff.
  • This add will fixate on random players.


Fully formed
  • These spawn from Rapid Incubation
  • They can be tanked

Primal Reinforcements

Throughout Phase 1 Primal Reinforcements will spawn to aid Broodkeeper Diurna.

Tarasek Legionnaire

  • Uses Vicious Thrust which deals a moderate amount of Physical damage.

Tarasek Earthreaver

  • Tremors - Shoots debris in a frontal cone.
  • If you make contact with any debris they will explode and stun you for 2 seconds.
  • It will also deal damage to all players within 5 yards. This can stack..
  • [Tanks] Heroic/Mythic Only: Burrowing Strike - This deals a large amount of Physical damage and applies a 20% armor reduction debuff for 10 seconds. This can stack.

Primalist Mage

  • Interrupt Ice Barrage
  • If this cast completes it will deal a moderate amount of Frost damage and apply a DoT which ticks every 0.5s for 4s.

Dragonspawn Flamebender

  • Flame Sentry - Creates a pillar of flame which lasts for 20 seconds.
  • If you are hit by the flames you will take a moderate amount of Fire damage for every 0.5s you are standing in it.
  • Heroic/Mythic Only: Cauterizing Flashflames - 2s cast. Deals 20% of its HP as damage to all players within 50 yards and then heals.

Juvenile Frost Proto-Dragon

  • Chilling Tantrum - Deals damage every second to all players within 50 yards for 6 seconds.
  • If you are hit your movement speed will be reduced by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • [Tanks] Heroic/Mythic Only: Rending Bite - This deals a large amount of Physical damage and applies a bleed for 12 seconds. Swap at 1 stack.

Drakonid Stormbringer

  • Ionizing Charge - Targets a maximum of 2 players and applies a DoT which deals damage to all players within 5 yards of them.
  • This also applies a DoT which ticks every 0.5 seconds for 8 seconds.
  • Heroic/Mythic Only: Static Jolt - A random player is targeted and stunned for 2 seconds. This will deal a large amount of Nature damage. This also increases the movement speed of the add by 30% for 15 seconds.

Phase 2

I suspect this phase begins once all of the eggs have hatched/Dragons have been killed.

In this Phase Broodkeeper Diurna is enraged with Broodkeeper's Fury. This increases her damage by 15% and empowers her abilities. Additionally, the duration of Mortal Wounds is doubled. This effect stacks every 30 seconds.

Empowered Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper - Now deals more damage to players within 50 yards.

Empowered Greatstaff's Wrath - Each stack now increases the damage done by the Greatstaff by 30% (up from 15%). 

You are not able to remove the stacks anymore, so this will act as your soft-enrage.

Frozen Shroud - This replaces Icy Shroud. This will deal a moderate amount of Frost damage and encase them in an attackable ice tomb. This ice tomb also applies a healing absorbtion shield to the player.

Wildfire remains the same.

Mortal Stoneclaws - The Mortal Wounds portion of this attack is now doubled in duration to 16 seconds (up from 8 seconds).

Tank Damage Profile

50% Physical
20% Fire
20% Frost
10% Nature
30% Auto Attack 

Unkown until testing, speculated numbers above.

Tank Class Tips/Tricks

Brewmaster Monk


Vengeance Demon Hunter


Protection Paladin


Protection Warrior


Guardian Druid


Blood Death Knight