Mists of Tirna Scithe

Updated on 21.2.2023, 14:47

Due to the nature of SL's nonlinear dungeon design and surplus of mobs/paths you can take through most dungeons there is no “perfect path” that can be applied to every group comp or even set of affixes.

As a result, this guide will only make generalized suggestions in terms of pathing and we recommend that you visit and check their MDT section to find a route that fits your group and comfort level.

For any feedback on this guide or if you have suggestions for changes, please visit us on our Discord server and let us know!

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Night Fae Covenant Bonus

Having a player allied with the Night Fae changes your pathing to the first boss in Mists. Immediately after starting the dungeon, that player can open the thorns to the left of the keystone font to unlock a shortcut. 

Later in the dungeon, right before the first boss anyone allied with the Night Fae can open thorns on the left hand side of the path to access a grove of 2 types of mushrooms. Once someone clicks a mushroom it is consumed but there are 5 of each so everyone can pick what they want. They are:

  • Savory Statshroom - gives 10% main stat (Strength, Intellect, or Agility) for 10 minutes ----> this is the one everyone should choose, even the tank!

  • Tasty Toughshroom - gives 10% Stamina for 10 minutes ----> this may end up being used for very high keys later on but unless you know you specifically need it, don't take it!

In addition to the Nightfae specific paths, the most commonly skipped pack is shown below as you just need 1 CC to make it work (make sure it's one that doesn't put you in combat!): Sap, Imprison, Mind Soothe or:

  • Freezing Trap (if you use a hunter with freezing trap, have them go through first with the party following closely behind and Feign Death once the party is through to drop aggro).
  • Polymorph (if you use a mage with freezing trap, have them go through first with the party following close behind and using Greater Invisibility once the party is through to drop aggro).

You can use the same strategy on the next pack by cc'ing the two mobs on the left hand side (by the thorn gate) and running past them into the boss arena. Just make sure to side-track into the mushroom area if you have a Night Fae character!

Tirnenn Villager

  • Bewildering Pollen - frontal cone (avoidable) - damage with a disorient  
  • Overgrowth - priority target - an uninterruptible channel that deals heavy damage on a random party member and will envelop them in webbing that needs to be dps’d down (15 second cooldown)
    • Feign Death, Vanish, and Greater Invisibility can all be used to avoid this mechanic if they are targeted
  • Refreshing Mist - when you get the Villager to below 20% it will become friendly, and cast an AoE heal on all party members before wandering off.  


Drust Spiteclaw

  • Dying Breath - self buff (purge) - that curses all party members within 30 yards upon death, increasing their damage taken by 10% for 20 seconds
    • If you don't have an AoE purge (like Arcane Torrent or Mass Dispel), have a Druid or Mage decurse the tank before the next pack
    • If neither of those options are available, tanks will need to pop major defensives for the next pack
    • They will also apply this debuff to the other mobs in the pull, causing them to take 10% more damage per stack so this can be used strategically to facilitate larger or riskier pulls.
    • Paladin: Divine Shield will remove the debuff on you, or you can pre-Spellwarding the deaths of the Spiteclaws to prevent application
    • DK: Can pre-AMS the deaths of the Spiteclaws to prevent application
  • Bloodletting - bleed - leap to a random party member and applies a bleed (minimum 10 yard range)


Drust Harvester

  • Harvest Essence - interrupt - deals shadow damage and heals for the amount of damage dealt (15 second cooldown)
  • Spirit Bolt - interrupt - deals magic damage to random party members. In lower non-fortified key it is low priority but in higher key levels 2 successive casts of this can kill a non-tank player (no cooldown)


Drust Soulcleaver

  • Hand of Thros - stun - apply a self buff that increases attack speed by 30% for 8 sec and heals for 3% max health per successful melee attack -- try to use a long duration stun like Hammer of Justice during this to negate their healing, dps through it, or on higher keys, you will need to kite (cast every 18 seconds)
  • Soul Split - tank hit (magic dispel) - deals tank damage and increases damage taken by 20% for 8 seconds (cast every 15 seconds)

If you are dealing with a pack that has 2 of these mobs wait until both stacks of the debuff have been applied to dispel. Additionally, one should be focused down by dps ASAP as they can be extremely deadly in pairs


Drust Boughbreaker

  • Furious Thrashing - dangerous - they cast this as they reach 50% health -- deals heavy physical damage to the group for 6 seconds 
    • Since this mechanic is predictable, your healer and group should be prepared with healing and defensives
  • Bramble Burst - avoidable - creates a black void zone under players that will deal damage and slow players when they erupt
    • These mobs have a surprisingly small hitbox for their size; if you have melee players make sure you move the mobs far away from these void zones so they can continue reaching them for dps

When pulling the 2 Boughbreakers before the first boss, try to dps them down at the same time so the healer can cover both with 1 set of cooldowns -- don't chain them back to back! However, if you're doing a very high key, you may need to stagger them in a way that healers get a small break in between to top everyone up and recover before the next one.

Ingra Maloch

  • Focus down Droman Oulfarren until he reaches 20% HP - then swap to Ingra Maloch while he is stunned
  • Tank them together so you can cleave
  • Bewildering Pollen - frontal
  • Tears of the Forest - dodge void zones
  • Repulsive Visage - unavoidable fear
  • Embrace Darkness - Ingra Maloch buffs himself with this, don't hit him while it's up

The overall pattern of this fight will be alternating between focusing dps on Droman Oulfarran (big tree) so that he stuns Ingra and causes him to take more damage; and then utilizing these burn windows to get Ingra Maloch down. 

Droman Oulfarran

  • Hostile to players while above 20% health
  • Droman's Wrath - cast when you dps him down, he becomes friendly, stuns Ingra Maloch and increases all damage he takes by 200% for 12 sec.
    • This is when you should be focusing all of your cooldowns and damage on Ingra Maloch
    • If he is in the middle of casting any spell when you get him to 20% health, he will immediately stop and become friendly
  • Tears of the Forest - avoidable - spawns void zones and each subsequent time that he casts it the number of missiles it summons is increased by 1. 
  • Bewildering Pollen - frontal cone (avoidable) - face away from the group


Ingra Maloch

  • Repulsive Visage - unavoidable fear
  • Embrace Darkness - self buff - deals shadow damage to players who attack him and reduces his damage taken by 80%
    • If Oulfarran is dps’d below 20% health while Death Shroud is up, the stun will remove this effect
    • In theory if you are focusing your dps on Droman Oulfarran properly, you should never see this ability as he casts it only as a sort of "soft enrage" when you are taking too long to dps into the burn phase
  • Spirit Bolt - interrupt - can be interrupted to reduce tank damage, but it's important to interrupt him during Tears of the Forest to allow you to move Ingra out of the void zones so melee dps can continue dealing damage

If you have players aligned with the Night Fae, on the left hand side of the path after the first boss you will find your first acorn. When your Night Fae player interacts with it, it will move up the spawn point to the acorn for any future deaths you have during the run.

Before reaching the maze area, one handy trick you can do is mark Mistcaller while you are father up the path, before she starts to fly through the maze. She flies through the correct pathing of the maze so you can usually see your icon marker move in different directions for the next 2 rooms or so, making the maze easier.

Maze Pathing: The path is random and based on the symbols on each rock. You must stand next to the rock to see what its symbol is. The correct path is the one with the symbol that “doesn’t belong” that could be based on the symbol itself or whether or not it has a circle around it. You have 2 options on how to deal with this efficiently:

  • Every group member runs to a different stone and stands by it so you can see all of them at once and choose the path quickly
  • While doing the trash, the healer or a very mobile ranged can work their way around checking each stone individually and making the decision before the pull is over

Every maze path has between 5-7 areas and when you are on your last one, you can angle your camera to see the boss room beyond it if you don't want to solve the puzzle for the last section.

Due to the random nature of this mechanic, the trash % you get from the maze will vary with every run. This makes it hard to plan for what other mobs to skip in the rest of the dungeon.


Mistveil Defender

  • Spear Flurry - frontal cone (avoidable)  - has a very obvious animation make sure you keep them pointed away from your group and if there are more than 1 strafe back and forth to avoid it 
  • Enrage - enrage (soothe) - increases damage by 50% when other Mistvale Defenders around it die (this can stack) 
  • Cleaving Strike - frontal cone (tank hit) - ideally you are already facing them away from the group so this shouldn't matter


Mistveil Guardian

  • Bucking Rampage - avoidable damage (stun or disrupt) - deals damage and knocks back enemies for 3 seconds, on higher keys melee should run out during this 


Mistveil Shaper

  • Bramblethorn Coat - interrupt - puts a shield on another mob, when the shield is broken it will root your party, best to just not deal with it and interrupt it


Mistveil Stalker

  • Mistveil Bite and Mistveil Tear - bleed - deal physical damage and a bleed
    • Use stuns as much as possible to stop the leap and bleed to minimize damage

The Stalkers should be a high priority if they are in the packs. These mobs have unlimited range on their abilities, so kiting them is impossible and as keys get higher you will need to keep an eye on incoming damage from the bleed. 


Mistveil Stinger

  • Anima Injection - magic dispel - applies DoT for 6 seconds, when it expires it deals damage to everyone within 8 yards -- it deals VERY high damage so ideally dispel it asap

The Stingers should be a high priority if they are in the packs. They do very high damage even on the initial application of the DoT


Mistveil Tender


Mistveil Nightblossom [miniboss]

  • Triple Bite - tank hit (poison dispel) - all 3 heads bite you dealing magic damage and applying a poison DoT
    • He does not move during this cast so you can outrange it! It is only 5 yards so take a few steps back


Mistveil Matriarch [miniboss]

  • Pool of Radiance - summons a pool that heals for 4% health every second to everyone in it. Move the Matriarch out of it but your group can stay in it to heal 
  • Radiant Breath - frontal cone (avoidable) - damage and a disorient
  • Shred Armor - tank hit -  increases your damage taken by 20% for 20 seconds -- despite the name, it does not impact your armor 


Mistveil Gorgegullet [miniboss]

  • Crushing Leap - avoidable damage - jumps to a player's location and deals heavy magic damage to anyone standing there
  • Tongue Lashing - frontal cone (tank) - deals heavy magic damage and applies a 20% slow, can be outranged but do it directly backwards as it will still rotate with you


  • Dodge Ball - move out of arrows
  • Freeze Tag - don't touch the fox; you can cc it
  • Patty Cake - interrupt - only the tank can do it
  • Guessing Game - only kill the add that doesn't match (just like the maze)

Mistcaller’s primary mechanics are a series of games she plays:

  • Guessing Game - add summon - Mistcaller becomes immune to damage and summons 4 clones (occurs at 70%, 40%, and 10% health)
    • These clones all have icons above their heads and use the same system as the maze
    • Dps down the one that is different from the others
    • The clones will cast Penalizing Burst, increasing in damage by 15% with every cast so speed is important here, as is making sure you choose the right one.
    • If you kill the wrong one there will be additional damage dealt to the entire party -- likely will lead to a wipe on relevant key levels
  • Dodge Ball - avoidable damage - Mistcaller will telegraph several arrows out towards players and you need to make sure that you are not hit by the projectile 
  • Patty Cake - interrupt - a huge damage cast with a disorient directed at the tank that only the tank can interrupt (cast every 20-23 seconds)
    • It has a maximum range of 25 yards, if you outrange her she will cast on someone else -- do not do this
  • Freeze Tag - add summon - an Illusionary Vulpin is summoned that chases players for 14 sec. If it reaches you it will deal damage and stun all players within 8 yards for 8 seconds -- it can be cc’d so use whatever your group has available


Spinemaw Staghorn

  • Stimulate Resistance - interrupt - gives a nearby mob a magic damage shield
  • Stimulate Regeneration - interrupt - gives nearby mobs a HoT 
  • They cast these two abilities very quickly in succession so make sure you have interrupts assigned and the whole group doesn't blow theirs on the first cast.


Spinemaw Acidgullet

  • Volatile Acid - spread - target random party members and apply an 8 second DoT on them and anyone within 5 yards, not that dangerous but don't splash it on each other

Spinemaw Reaver

  • Stinging Assault - poison dispel - charges a random player and applies a DoT to them

Keep an eye out for the Reavers, since they patrol in the sky and can catch you off guard. This is especially dangerous on Bolstering weeks.


  • Consumption - shields and spawns void zones – DON’T interrupt
  • Mind Link - run 40 yards away from the other linked player
  • Acid Expulsion - dodge puddles and don’t dodge in the same directions
  • Accelerated Incubation - summons adds that fixate, kill them quickly
  • Parasitic Infester - dps the add that attaches to players

  • Consumption - group damage - happens when you get her to 70% and 40% health which deals nature damage to the group and spawns missiles that cover the room
    • During this time the boss will apply a shield and consumption cannot be interrupted before this shield is dps’d down

Based on current tuning it's actually beneficial to not interrupt the cast as the damage it deals is less than the rest of her mechanics. Paladins: although it's a dps loss for you, avoid casting Avenger's Shield during this intermission, the small loss you get in damage is worth for the gain your party gets in not having to deal with the other mechanics


  • Mind Link - spread out - if you become tethered to another player, move 40 yards away from them to dispel it
    • Do this as soon as possible and since the boss is so large players should spread around for this ability to already be far away from other players to start with. 

  • Acid Expulsion - avoidable damage - this is an interesting ability where the boss will remember where you move and put pools of acid down accordingly, here's how it works:
    • The first time it's cast, she will shoot 1 missile per party member onto their current location -- each subsequent cast, there is 1 more missile per party member (2nd time there are 2 per person, 3rd time there are 3 per person etc)
    • You will get a visual indicator for the missiles right before they land, but it's still best to remember which way you want to dodge for each one
    • The other missiles will be shot around your current location (no matter where in the room you've moved or what direction you're facing) based on the way you dodged previous missiles.

You can also get hit by other people's missiles as well so make sure you're either stacked together and moving as a group OR all spread and respecting each other's areas

See the image below for a visual representation:

Add Summons -- if ANY add is up, prioritize them over the boss at all times