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Updated on 21.2.2023, 14:47

Due to the nature of SL's nonlinear dungeon design and surplus of mobs/paths you can take through most dungeons there is no “perfect path” that can be applied to every group comp or even set of affixes.

As a result, this guide will only make generalized suggestions in terms of pathing and we recommend that you visit and check their MDT section to find a route that fits your group and comfort level.

For any feedback on this guide or if you have suggestions for changes, please visit us on our Discord server and let us know!

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Night Fae Covenant Bonus

Night Fae players will be able to click on the Haunted Urns scattered throughout the dungeon. After a cast time, all mobs within 30 yards of the Urn will be stunned. 

  • The cast can be broken by damage so be careful if you are the one clicking them as a tank (maybe use a short AoE cc on the mobs while you click it)
  • This will affect mobs that normally cannot be stunned as well, good mobs to use it on will be indicated later in the guide as they come up. 

A map of the Haunted Urn locations:

Inner Circle:

This guide assumes you are going to the right, you can go in whichever direction you want to in order to properly line up your group's cooldowns and bloodlust timing. 

You can do some interesting skips in the inner circle due to the difference in elevation and platforms available in the dungeon. Especially if you have a Warlock for Gateway or a Mage with Slow Fall you can get fairly creative with how you skip along the inner ring.

The first two packs (the first platform when you start the dungeon followed by the one on the next platform going counter-clockwise) are very high tank damage so plan around using your cooldowns early, or even using Bloodlust on higher fortified keys.

Risen Bonesoldier

  • Bone Strike - tank hit - magic damage; on higher keys if you are pulling multiple Bonesoliders, keep up some form of magic mitigation 
  • Trollguard - frontal cone (avoidable) - does a knockback; especially dangerous because it can make you fall off the platform
  • Death Knights can Control Undead this mob to a small amount of extra damage throughout the course of a dungeon


Risen Cultist

  • Dark Lotus - void zone - half circle pattern that explodes very quickly after appearing
  • Scribe - interrupt - lower priority interrupt, deals magic damage on the tank 
  • Death Knights can Control Undead this mob to deal extra damage with it over the course of the dungeon 
    • These ones have the chance to deal the most amount of dps due to their Dark Lotus cast but make sure you position mobs into it for maximum efficiency.


Risen Warlord

  • Undying Rage - enrage (soothe) -  increases damage by 100% and he cannot be killed while this is active
  • Reaver - avoidable damage - summons a spinning weapon on a random party member's location (prefers ranged)


Skeletal Raptor

  • Decrepit Bite - tank hit (disease dispel) - cast on tank, stacking Nature DoT that lasts 20 seconds -- if you can't dispel it be very careful and save defensive cooldowns for it


Death Speaker

  • Death’s Embrace - interrupt -  applies a haste buff to a random mob
    • If you have a Mage in your group, avoid interrupting it and let them Spellsteal the buff instead
  • Erupting Darkness - frontal cone (avoidable) - deals damage with a knockback  
  • Shadowcore - interrupt - lower priority magic damage hit that prefers the tank but is occasionally cast on others


Enraged Spirit

Patrols around the inner circle, make sure you keep an eye on their location so they don’t get engaged at a bad time

  • Rage - enrage  - cannot be soothed off despite being flagged as an enrage; deals extremely heavy group damage for 6 sec
    • it has a 100 yard rage so you cannot outrange it
  • Enraged Masks - add summons - spawns Enraged Masks which then spawn subsequent Enraged Masks
    • They deal damage heavy damage to players within 8 yards of them - predominantly melee groups need to be very careful here

This mob is a great opportunity make use of the Night Fae Haunted Urn stun; use it before he casts Rage

Wing 1 (Hakkar’s wing):

Because there are so many heals and important casts to get in this wing, coordinating all available AoE cc’s and purges in your group is extremely important, overlapping them by accident will lose you a lot of efficiency. 


Atal'ai Devoted

  • Devoted Sacrifice - stun - sacrifice themselves turning into a Son of Hakkar, can be chain stunned to prevent it and focused down as they have very low health
    • This is your #1 priority target as the Son of Hakkar can’t be killed permanently and is very dangerous


Son of Hakkar 

  • Zealous - fixate 
  • Blood Nova - group damage - Inflicts damage to all the entire party and grants the mob 40% increased Shadow damage for 9 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Spilled Essence - When killed they will spawn a large pool on the ground for 1.5 min that damages everyone that stands in it. It will gradually shrink over time and the Son of Hakkar will respawn (but will not aggro again unless you run by them)

Atal'ai High Priest

  • Heal - interrupt
  • Shadow Word: Pain - interrupt (magic dispel) - if you don't interrupt it, this DoT should be dispelled by the healer to minimize damage
  • Smite - low priority interrupt - there are so many other high priority interrupts from these mobs that these should only be gotten if you can

Will run in fear at low health, make sure they don't pull mobs you aren't ready for


Atal'ai Hoodoo Hexxer

  • Healing Wave - interrupt
  • Hex - interrupt (magic dispel) - since there are often more important interrupts to get in these packs, letting this go off and having the healer dispel it is a good option as long as it is not targeting the healer
  • Lightning Discharge - low priority interrupt (spread) - there are so many other high priority interrupts so your group should try to spread out as much as possible to avoid passing Chain Lightning between them


Atal'ai Deathwalker

  • Gushing Wound - tank hit (bleed) - can stack
  • Bladestorm - stun - they will deal extremely high damage to everyone within 5 yards and will move/follow the tank, ideally stop it with a stun
  • Atal'ai Deathwalker's Spirit - add spawn - fixates on a player and will eventually despawn -- immune to all cc and damage. They can be purged to kill them instantly

Hakkar the Soulflayer

  • Corrupted Blood - DoT on 2 people, don't walk in their circle
  • Piercing Barb - two strikes to the tank, first is physical, second is magic
  • Sons of Hakkar - are your top dps priority if they are up; leave big puddles when they die and start reforming
  • Blood Barrier - dps down the absorb shield to stop his Blood Barrage cast

Corrupted Blood - 2 party members get a 12 second undispelable DoT that will spread to any other party members within 7 yards. During his cast everyone should spread (prioritizes dps and healers)

Piercing Barb - tank hit - deals 2 strikes back to back, the first is physical damage and the second is shadow damage (slightly less than the first hit but not by a lot). They are done at virtually the same time. 

Blood Barrier - group damage - deals shadow damage to all party members and the Sons of Hakkar that are alive at the time

  • Gains an absorb shield based on the damage he dealt with the initial cast -- ideally you want to ensure all Sons of Hakkar are dead for these casts to reduce the size of the shield
  • While his Blood Barrier is active he will also channel Blood Barrage - spawns pools at targeted locations while he channels; getting hit deals damage and reduces damage done by 10% 9 sec. This debuff can stack.

Sons of Hakkar will periodically spawn and have the same effect as the trash mob version:

  • Zealous - will fixate on party members
  • Blood Nova - Inflicts damage to the entire party and grants the mob 40% increased Shadow damage for 9 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Spilled Essence - When killed they will spawn a large pool on the ground that damages everyone that stands in it. After 20 seconds the Son of Hakkar will respawn 
    • It is possible to lose a lot of space to this on higher Tyrannical keys so be careful where you are killing them 

Wing 2: Manastorms


Defunct Dental Drill

  • Haywire - avoidable damage - does very high group wide damage but can be LoS’d in the many corners in the area, just position it along a wall at a corner and the group can dip behind to avoid it during the cast. The drill does not move when casting Haywire so the tank can hide too.



  • W-00F - spread - targeted circle on 1 player (not the tank) that deals damage and stuns anyone hit by it. Move away from the group


Headless Client

  • Spinning Up - stun - the mob will start spinning, inflicting physical damage to targets within 5 yards every second for 9 sec.
    • Taking damage will knock back the Headless Client away from the damage source
    • Ideally you want to stun them when they deal this especially if you have melee dps as it deals a lot of damage to anyone nearby
    • Additional Threads - self buff (purge) - 1 purge removes all stacks


Experimental Sludge

  • This is essentially Frogger -- find the gaps between the sludge and pass through them. Touching a sludge will inflict a lot of damage and apply a 20% slow. 
  • Engineers can turn this off by hitting the red button to the right of the doorway as soon as you walk in
  • They can be held in place with Vortex, Ring of Peace, Binding Shot etc to allow faster movement through them with less downtime waiting for a gap
  • Taking a Warlock Gateway can still make you hit them if you time it badly
  • Venthyr players can Door of Shadows over them
  • Demon Hunters and Warriors can double jump and leap over them

Engineers can turn the frogger mini game off by pressing the red button to the left when you enter the room!


  • Lubricate - interrupt - deals frost damage to all party members within 30 yards. Also applies a 5 second long debuff that reduces hit chance and spell hit chance by 20% and stuns you for 1.5 seconds when you jump (10 second cooldown)
  • Self-Cleaning Cycle - interrupt - heal


Volatile Memory

  • Don’t bother fighting them, once they touch someone just run away and they’ll explode killing themselves

The Manastorms

  • When fighting Millhouse:
  • Power Overwhelming - soak the beam from the crystals
  • Echo Finger Laser X-treme - two people with arrows stand on either side of him to stun him (don't hit anyone else with it)
  • Diabolical Dooooooom! - important to stop this with the stun
  • When fighting Millificent:
  • Buzz-Saw - tank hit with a bleed; can stack up very high
  • Experimental Squirrel Bombs - click the bombs to disarm them
  • Shadowfury - whoever is targeted put Millificent in their circle to stun her (don't hit anyone else with it)
  • Aerial Rocket Chicken Barrage - important to stop this with the stun

Stage One: Millhouse fights you on the platform while Milificent casts from up above

Millhouse (Stage One)

  • Power Overwhelming - soak - summons a purple power crystal, which channels towards Millhouse, affecting players or Millhouse, whichever it strikes first -- you want one of your dps to soak it to prevent it from reaching him. It will deal damage to the player soaking but will also increase their damage done by 2% per stack 
    • on higher tyrannical keys if you don't want to take the damage that soaking the power crystal would deal, you can tuck him behind one of the large pillars in the side of the room (so he is between the pillar and the wall) it effectively line of sights him away from the crystals so he won't get stacks and your group won't need to soak
  • Diabolical Dooooooom! - group damage - deals damage to the entire party every second for 15 seconds, increasing in damage by 10%. This effect stacks. 
  • Frost Bolt - interrupt (tank hit) - deals magic damage to the tank


Millificent (Stage One)

  • Throw Buzz-Saw - bleed - throws this at random party members periodically
  • Echo Finger Laser X-treme - important - aims a laser at 2 party members (not the tank) and it shoots a line between them.
    • You want to move so that no friendly party members are between the two targeted players
    • Ideally try to hit Milhouse with it as it will deal damage and stun him (especially important during his cast of Diabolical Dooooooom!)

DO NOT Kill Millhouse in this phase, you will need him alive to deal with Millificent in the next phase!

Stage Two: Millificent comes down while Millhouse goes up

Millificent (Stage Two)

  • Buzz-Saw - tank hit -  deals physical damage every 0.5 sec for 3 sec and applies a stacking bleed (up to 7 stacks) -- this can get extremely scary especially on high tyrannical keys
  • Experimental Squirrel Bombs - add summon - need to be clicked to get disarmed or they can be dps’d down, otherwise they spawn more squirrels that fixate on players and explode. 
    • Spam clicking on her model when she casts this should auto disarm the majority of the bombs.
  • Aerial Rocket Chicken Barrage - group damage - creates a lot of AoE damage that spawns very quickly
    • make sure you stun her using Milhouse's Shadowfury during her cast of this, as on higher keys letting this get off will lead to a wipe


Millhouse (Stage Two)

  • Shadowfury - casts on 2 party members two seconds later anyone with the debuff takes damage and gets stunned, as well as anyone within 8 yards of them.
    • This can affect Millificent so prioritize running to her to stun her as often as possible (especially important during her cast of Aerial Rocket Chicken Barrage)


When you’re done, pop into the hole that opens in the ground to return

Wing 3: Dealer Xy’exa

When you start the wing, just dodge the white animations coming through the walls, they do a decent amount of damage and getting hit by multiples will kill you. 


Runestag Elderhorn

  • Anima Starstorm - avoidable damage - does a very large AoE effect that summons small missiles that deal damage on impact


Weald Shimmermoth

  • Soporific Shimmerdust - curse - applies a curse to all party members for 1 min that starts stacking up a secondary debuff every second that you don't spend jumping
    • If it reaches 10 stacks you go to sleep for a few seconds -- you can reset your stacks by jumping 
    • It applies to all pets as well, but they cannot jump to reset their stacks.
    • The main debuff can be dispelled with a decurse
    • The sleep is a magic effect and can be dispelled by healers


Spriggan Barkbinder

  • Bark Armor - interrupt - applies a defensive buff that absorbs 1 attack per stack
  • Pacifying Mist - avoidable - void zones that apply a silence effect to anyone in them


Bladebeak Hatchling

  • Frightened Cries - stunable - calls all nearby adult Bladebeaks into combat. Can lead to problems on Bolstering weeks, or if it pulls Bladebeak Matriarchs
  • Additionally, killing these mobs will enrage the adult Bladebeaks


Bladebeak Matriarch

  • Beak Slice - tank hit - physical damage and a debuff that increases damage of subsequent hits of the same ability by 10%
    • This can stack up dangerously high, be prepared to kite or use Blessing of Protection or Divine Shield to remove stacks once they start hitting too hard
  • Enrage - dangerous - she will enrage all Bladebeaks in combat, leading to EXTREMELY dangerous pulls if you have a lot of them. Ideally avoid pulling this mob if at all possible. 


Territorial Bladebeak

  • Beak Slice - tank hit - physical damage and a debuff that increases damage of subsequent hits of the same ability by 10%
    • This can stack up dangerously high, be prepared to kite or use Blessing of Protection or Divine Shield to remove stacks once they start hitting too hard


Mythresh, Sky's Talons

  • Talon Rake tank hit - physical damage
  • Waling Greif - avoidable (magic dispel) - fears everyone within 8 yards, step out a little when she starts casting; if someone gets hit by it the healer can magic dispel them

You can skip her very easily by hugging the right side of the area. See the picture below:


Dealer Xy'exa

  • Displacement Traps - shoot you into the air; avoid them unless you are using them to handle abilities
  • Localized Explosive Contrivance - hit a trap right before the timer on your head expires
  • Explosive Contrivance - everyone hits a trap before it goes off (3 seconds into her cast is a good time)
  • Arcane Lightning - debuffs the tank to take more arcane damage and chains damage to nearest player
  • Displaced Blastwave - avoidable frontal cone

Dealer Xy'exa will create Displacement Traps periodically which when triggered will teleport you into the air and slow fall you back down. They are used to handle 2 different mechanics:

  • Localized Explosive Contrivance - the player with this debuff (they will have a little timer pop above their head) will explode dealing a lot of damage to the entire party.
    • However, if they use a Displacement Trap to teleport up when it explodes, they are the only ones who will take the damage.
    • Healers should make sure they are topped up before they go up.
  • Explosive Contrivance - she begins a cast that will do very high group damage.
    • Everyone should hit a Displacement Trap and be up in the air for the end of this cast to avoid dying.
    • Around 3 seconds into her cast seems to be a safe time for everyone to step into a trap.
    • Make sure that you are already standing next to the one you intend to use so there is no confusion between your group members. 

Arcane Lightning - group damage - deals arcane damage, applies a stacking debuff that increases your damage taken from arcane damage by 5% per stack, and every 9 seconds it arcs damage to the nearest player.

  • Arcane Vulnerability is best passed between 3 party members to allow the debuff to properly reset (in melee if you have 2 melee players, or in ranged if you have 3 ranged players)
  • You should bounce it to someone new around 3-4 stacks

Displaced Blastwave - frontal cone (avoidable)

The healer (if not a holy paladin or mistweaver monk) can stay up on the cliff for the duration of this fight to never get targeted by mechanics and focus all of their time on healing the party. 


  • Master of Death - combo attack targeting room sections: left, right, front
  • Soul Crusher - physical tank hit with a DoT that deals the damage the initial hit did
  • Cosmic Artifice - puts on everyone but the tank, DoT with void zone when it expires
  • Shatter Reality - take deathgates to other platforms; kill the add and click the totem

The final boss has an extremely large amount of health and you must rely on freeing Bwonsamdi from the totems tethering him to kill it. There are 4 totems capturing Bwonsamdi scattered around the inner ring and each one you disable will cause him to deal 20% of Mueh’zala’s health to him. You alternate phases between damaging Mueh’zala yourself and teleporting around the map to free Bwonsamdi. He will die at 10% health.

THE MAIN PRIORITY ON THIS FIGHT IS THE PLATFORM PHASE. It can be VERY tempting to burst all of your cooldowns and bloodlust on pull but on higher keys (especially tyrannical) this will be your downfall. Keep in mind that Bwonsamdi does 80% of his health and you only need to get him to 10% health. This means that in the main phase you only need to deal 10% of his health and it doesn't all have to be in the first phase as once you return you will get a HUGE haste buff from Bwonsamdi's Fervor per totem that you destroy. Your best bet is to save longer cooldowns and bloodlust right before everyone splits off into the portals so that you can 1 Phase the fight as safely and quickly as possible. 

Current Bug: There is currently a bug where using immunities will cause him to count someone as "off the platform" and will trigger his Stellar Cloud ability. On a higher key this will wipe your group. So far this has been tested with Divine Shield and Blessing of Protection but other immunities will likely also trigger it so be careful!

Phase 1: Mueh’zala

  • Master of Death - avoidable - he will do a 3 attack combo targeting different sections of the room. Look at the boss to see where he intends on hitting as he telegraphs his casts.
    • He will either do left, right, or the front half of the area you are fighting him in.
    • He will not melee the tank during this but if he is doing the front half of the room as his last hit, the tank MUST stand in it as he will enrage if there is no one to melee when he is done.  
    • If you get hit by this, you will take damage and get a DoT that lasts 15 seconds, this DoT stacks if you get hit by multiple hits. 
  •  Cosmic Artifice - magic dispel - a 6 second DoT effect that applies to everyone except the tank
    • Healers can dispel one of them right away to stagger the void zones that are taken up by this at one time 
    • When it falls off it leaves a damaging puddle on the ground so ensure that you do not cover the platform in a way that will make it difficult to dodge Master of Death casts.
    • These puddles will detonate after 9 seconds damaging anyone within 9 yards
  • Soulcrusher - tank hit - deals a large amount of physical damage
    • Crushed Soul - tank hit - a DoT applied immediately after Soulcrusher, which inflicts the damage taken from Soulcrusher over 9 seconds
    • Protection Paladins: The DoT applied is magic damage so Blessing of Spellwarding and Divine Shield will both prevent its initial application
    • Blood DKs: The DoT applied is magic damage so Anti-Magic Shell will prevent its initial application
    • Brewmaster Monks: This is an extremely dangerous ability for you as Soulcrusher does not take stagger into consideration. If you do not dodge or use a major defensive CD on this you will get a VERY large Crushed Soul DoT

After about 1 minute, he will begin casting Shatter Reality that will kill anyone still left on his platform. Players must take the Deathgates scattered around the room to get to the other platforms and begin freeing Bwonsamdi. 

These Deathgates will take you to specific platforms based on where they are oriented:

Ideally unless you are doing very high keys, you should be able to send one person to each platform (send the healer with the person least able to heal themselves or with the tank if damage output is a concern) and one phase this fight. If your group does not feel confident splitting up or the key level/affixes prevent it, you can do 2 totems per phase and just repeat this portion of the fight. 

Remember, save your cooldowns and bloodlust for this phase (bloodlust should be used a few seconds before everyone leaves to make sure the buff is applied)

Phase 2: Shattered Visages and Totems

Once you make it to the other platforms you will need to defeat Shattered Visages to be able to click the totems to free Bwonsamdi. They only cast:

  • Shattered Dominion - deals shadow damage every second to players within 50 yards of the center of the platform.
  • As soon as you kill the add, the mechanics stop and you can just wait for the boss to teleport you back

Once a group finishes killing their Shattered Visage they can run to the other side of the platform and click the totem. This phase is timed so if you finish early you may need to wait around for Phase 1 to restart. Once it does everyone will be teleported to whichever platform Mueh’zala reforms on (not always the one you started on) and Bwonsamdi will deal 20% of his health to him per totem you clicked. He will also apply Bwonsamdi’s Fervor to the entire party:

  • Bwonsamdi's Fervor - all players receive a buff that increases haste by 30% and movement speed by 30% for 10 sec. This effect stacks so if you kill multiple totems you will get a stack for each one that you killed in the previous phase


If you need to do another round of phase 2: keep in mind you don’t always come back to your starting platform so before the next Shatter Reality cast, everyone should take a look and see where the totems that need to be clicked are oriented to make sure they use the correct death gates (you can tell which still need to be done because they will have a purple line flowing between them and Bwonsamdi in the middle).