Sanguine Depths

Updated on 21.2.2023, 14:47

Due to the nature of SL's nonlinear dungeon design and surplus of mobs/paths you can take through most dungeons there is no “perfect path” that can be applied to every group comp or even set of affixes.

As a result, this guide will only make generalized suggestions in terms of pathing and we recommend that you visit and check their MDT section to find a route that fits your group and comfort level.

For any feedback on this guide or if you have suggestions for changes, please visit us on our Discord server and let us know!

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Venthyr Covenant Ability

Venthyr players can click the Anima Cages that are scattered around the dungeon to activate them for 20 seconds. Drag mobs over to the Anima Cage to debuff them with Anima Drain; the cage has a range of 40 yards and the debuff will let you know if you are close enough. 

45 seconds later when the Anima Cage deactivates, the entire party gets one stack of Sinfall Boon for each mob that died within its range. This will increase your damage and healing done by 5% per stack for 1 minute. This makes this mechanic a high-risk, high-reward play as you can get a relatively large increase if you do a large (but dangerous) pull, in preparation for the next pull. Try and plan how and where you will use Sinfall Boon as optimally as possible as it does only last for 15 seconds and you want to get as much use out of it as possible.

If you are not trying to optimize, even just killing the nearest pack to each Anima Cage will give you a small boost for the next pack. 

The locations of these Anima Cages are on the map below: 

The entirety of this dungeon is extremely linear and skips are only possible with the use of Invisibility, Death Skips with a brez, or Combat Drops (Hunters, Rogues, Mages, and Night Elves). As a result, pulling in a way that follows the path is going to be the most common, but if you have skip options available to you, follow an MDT path that utilizes them for optimal count % and Prideful timings. 


Dreadful Huntmaster

  • Dread Shot - unavoidable damage - deals shadow damage to random party members with its auto attacks
  • Volatile Trap - throw traps out, dealing damage when triggered 


Noble Skirmisher

  • Animate Weapon - stunnable - cast that summons an Animated Weapon; should be avoided as the Weapon is not worth fighting
    • Animated Weapon - deals shadow damage so keep up magic mitigation up while fighting them or kite


Famished Tick


Regal Mistdancer

  • Echoing Thrust - frontal cone (avoidable)  - targeted whichever way the mob is facing
    • Each cast of Echoing Thrust creates a red shadow clone of the Mistdancer that will mimic future casts of Echoing Thrust
    • Keep the mob facing away from the group and either overlap the clones or gradually kite down the hallway
  • Sanctified Mists - self buff - when standing in the red mist they drop at their feet they deal 50% increased damage; drag them out of it

Insatiable Brute

  • Consuming Strikes - priority target - They heal for 25% of the melee damage they do
  • Slam - tank hit - deals heavy physical damage
  • Umbral Crash - group damage - he will target a random party member’s location (not the player themselves so they can run away!) and leap to them.
    • He will do unavoidable party wide damage to the entire group regardless of distance but if you are within 6 yards of the impact he will also leech health based on the damage done so run away


Ravenous Dreadbat

  • Sap Lifeblood - interrupt - cast that deals damage and leeches health back to them


Gluttonous Tick

  • Engorge - interrupt - channel that deals heavy magic damage to a party member
    • Gain stacks of a buff every time the channel ticks on someone 
    • Gluttonous Burst - when they die or when they reach 20 stacks of the buff they explode dealing damage based on how many stacks they have to everyone within 40 yards

Kryxis the Voracious

  • Juggernaut Rush - everyone move into his path to absorb the hit
  • Hungering Drain - interrupt asap
  • Severing Smash - run over the balls so they don't hit him
  • Vicious Headbutt - Tank hit with a knock back, put up mitigation

Juggernaut Rush - group soak - he charges a targeted player, dealing a large amount of damage. This damage is reduced for every other player hit by him so everyone should be moving into his path to soak. 

Hungering Drain - interrupt - he deals group damage and gains a stacking buff increasing his damage done by 2% per stack 

Vicious Headbutt - tank hit - he will hit the tank, dealing damage and doing a knock back. Position yourself with your back to a wall to prevent moving the boss too much, or if it’s right after a Severing Smash use the knockback to kite away from orbs. Be careful during this overlap as the damage from Headbutt in combination with the damage from orbs being soaked can easily kill you on tyrannical if you are unprepared. 

At 100 Energy he casts Severing Smash:

  • This deals unavoidable group damage and knocks back all players. Each player leaves behind an orb of Living Essence that will slowly move towards the boss.
  • Each orb that hits the boss will heal him for 12% HP.  
  • You need to group up together away from the boss and have 1 person stagger running over the orbs before they reach him.  
  • They deal group-wide damage each time they are picked up and on higher keys will cause you to wipe if you do them all at the same time. 
  • Depending on how high your key level is, be prepared to kite the boss away from the orbs while the healer heals the party up in between hits

DK: Anti-Magic Zone is great to use when everyone is grouped before the Severing Smash. This allows you to be at higher health from the larger hit and your group can run back into it while the orbs are being picked up to minimize damage

Wicked Oppressor

  • Curse of Suppression - interrupt - silences a player; can be decursed if it goes off
  • Wrack Soul - interrupt - direct magic damage to the tank and a Magic DoT

Chamber Sentinel

  • Appear to be made of stone until you approach them -- random ones are triggered in each run so make sure you move next to each one in the hallway leading up to boss 2 (Executor Tarvold) to avoid unintentional pulls during the fight
  • Stoneskin - interrupt - buff that reduces their physical damage taken by 65%
  • Severing Slice - tank hit - deals damage and applies a bleed; can be outranged if you are quick enough (no longer cleaves!)


Grand Overseer

  • Overbearing Presence - priority target - Applies a stacking debuff to the entire party, reducing their damage and healing done by 2% per stack -- he needs to be focused down as this can get out of hand on a longer pull.
    • A stack applies every 5 seconds.
  • Dread Bindings - avoidable damage - tethers party members to the Overseer, inflicting Shadow damage and reducing movement speed by 25% for 15 sec.
    • Moving away from the mob breaks this effect
    • Snare removal effects like Blessing of Freedom, Shapeshift, and Tiger's Lust can be used to remove this as well
  • Gloom Burst - low priority interrupt - deals damage to random party members 


Head Custodian Javlin

  • Bludgeoning Bash - tank hit - heavy physical damage with a knockback
  • Motivational Clubbing - Periodically buffs a nearby dredger, increasing their haste by 100% for 4 sec and their health by 300% permanently (they will become big and red so you can notice which one is affected)
  • Sweeping Slash - frontal cone (avoidable) - deals physical damage and knocks back anyone hit by it
    • He will also create a dust tornado facing a random player and shoot it out at them when the cast is done. 

Javlin can be skipped without using invisibility if you wait for him to walk to the left side of the room and hug the right side of the room when running past.

Depths Warden


Research Scribe

  • Explosive Vellum - avoidable damage - summons a scroll that explodes and damages everyone within 6 yards
  • Throw Research - deals damage to random players, not interruptible


Remnant of Fury

  • Explosive Anger - interrupt - deals heavy magic damage to a random player and upon expiration explodes on players around them 


Vestige of Doubt

  • These have been nerfed and just melee the tank :)

Infused Quill-feather

  • Fiery Cantrip - interrupt - deals a moderate amount of damage to a random party member


Frenzied Ghoul

  • Frenzy - enrage (soothe) - after a few seconds in combat they will enrage
  • Shadow Claws - tank hit - deals a large amount of magic damage to the tank,
  • You can use defensives for 1-2 of these mobs but any more than that and it's safer/easier to kite them


Executor Tarvold

  • Pull the boss back away from his starting position
  • Dodge the orbs rotating around the circle
  • Castigate - Move away from the person it's being cast on
  • Fleeting Manifestations - kill them quickly and move from the puddles they leave behind

At the start of the fight, 2 orbs will start rotating around the prison in opposite directions. 

  • One will be in the inner lane and one in the outer lane
  • You will want to move the boss back away from where they originate as that is where they cross over and you will have trouble dodging them
  • If you are moving the boss back towards the direction you came, you should stay in the inner lane until the orb passes and then move to the outer lane right afterwards to dodge both.
  • Touching an orb inflicts shadow damage and applies a DoT that also reduces haste by 25%.  


Castigate - spread out - applied to a random party member and anyone within 8 yards of them will take damage

  • Anyone with a drop combat ability can use it to stop this ability once it is targeting them (Feign Death, Greater Invisibility, Vanish etc)


He starts the fight with 2 Fleeting Manifestations and periodically summons more with Coalesce Manifestation

  • When they’re alive they inflict shadow damage to all players every second
  • When they die or reach 100 energy they create a pool that damages anyone who stands in it
    • The size of the pool spawned is based on the amount of energy the add had -- it is a good idea to kill them quickly to keep the pools small and damage low. 
  • The two original Fleeting Manifestations are at 100 energy when the pull starts so you immediately get 2 large pools from the get go. 

Grand Proctor Beryllia

  • Rite of Supremacy - deals a huge amount of damage, each player needs to pick up at least 3 glowing orbs to minimize the hit
  • Endless Torment - dodge the yellow puddles
  • Iron Spikes - tank hit, put up physical mitigation

Rite of Supremacy - a cast that deals a huge amount of shadow damage to the entire group. In order to minimize the damage you will need to take advantage of:

  • Fragment of Radiance - 15 small glowing orbs will spawn. Each orb that you pick up will reduce the damage taken from Rite of Supremacy by 20%. Stacking up to 5 times
    • If split evenly each person can get 3 orbs (60% damage reduction), but as a tank you really only need 2 on most key difficulties. 
    • On higher keys you may need to utilize an immunity or have the tank pop a strong defensive and take fewer orbs in order to give other party members more stacks. 
  • Rite of Supremacy also applies Agonize, an 8 second long shadow damage DoT to all players hit by it


Endless Torment - group damage - will deal damage to the entire party and spawn pools of light that you need to avoid for the duration of the channel

  • This is an extremely dangerous cast as healers will need to be on the move during the entire cast to avoid pools and won't be able to do much healing for its duration
  • Dodging the puddles should be your top priority here as the already large group damage and strain on the healer will likely lead to a death if you take avoidable damage


Iron Spikes - tank hit - large amount of physical damage, she will do a 2.5 second wind up and then do a 2 second channel -- keep mitigation up for when she is channeling it and if you have self-healing capabilities, have a heal banked as well. 

Once the boss is over, run up the stairs and grab the glowing fragment. This will give you access to Shining Radiance through your extra action button. It will create a barrier around you, reducing damage taken by 65% to all nearby allies, remove applications of Wicked Gash, and make them immune to knockbacks. It is on a 35 second cooldown so for the next 2 trash packs feel free to use it whenever you like just to minimize your own damage intake or do both packs together if you are confident in it.

The pull right before the Gauntlet with the Chamber Sentinel, Grand Overseer, and Mistdancer can look VERY intimidating but the Chamber Sentinel is not actually attached to the other two mobs. So you can taunt him out and deal with him on his own first before tackling the other two mobs. 


Boss Gauntlet: Once you pass the small hallway you will open up into a wider area, you fight the boss along with some remaining trash along the rest of the path. She will spawn several times as you are moving along and disappear at 90%, 80%, and 70% health respectively. This means when you engage her in the actual boss fight she will start at 70% health. You will need to use the Shining Radiance cast on her Gloom Squall but if you use it IMMEDIATELY on pull when engaging her at each point in the gauntlet, it will be up in time for Gloom Squall again. Don't forget to also use it on any packs where you are not fighting her for free damage reduction. 


Stonewall Gargon 

  • A pair of Gargons will spawn on a timer during your time in this gauntlet so it's best to keep moving as quickly as you are able to


Sanguine Cadet

  • Unified Front - they bolster each other, getting a 20% damage increase for every other cadet within 10 yards of them. If affixes allow, focus them down 1 or 2 at a time to reduce damage and you may need to run in with a defensive cooldown, establish threat and then kite them
  • Pierce - tank hit - physical damage

General Kaal

  • Gloom Squall - group damage with a knock up, tank needs to use extra action button for this with everyone stacked
  • Wicked Rush - players targeted should spread out. It applies a bleed that ican be removed by standing in the bubble
  • Piercing Blur - Dodge the big red lines going across the room
  • Fight her in a gauntlet with trash mobs from 100% HP to 70% HP; Boss encounter starts at 70% HP and ends at 50%

She is defeated at 50% health and starts the encounter at 70% health

Gloom Squall - She casts this at 100 Energy and will do group damage and a knockback

  • Put down Shining Radiance for this cast and all party members will need to be stacked in it, it will remove the bleed from the Wicked Rush at the same time.

Wicked Rush - General Kaal marks multiple players to charge. After a few seconds, she rushes to each and applies Wicked Gash to them and anyone within 5 yards of them. Spread out a little bit for this ability. 

  • Wicked Gash - is a permanent bleed that lasts until the end of the encounter, but can be removed by standing in the Barrier cast by Shining Radiance. Since it is being cast regularly with Gloom Squall and everyone is already standing in the barrier there is no real need to think about this bleed too much unless someone gets multiple stacks.
    • Paladins can use Blessing of Protection to remove the bleed from someone if they are in danger of dying before the next Shining Radiance cast
    • Mages can blink right before the Wicked Rush hits them to avoid getting a stack of Wicked Gash
    • Most ranged players can stand at maximum range from the boss and just move out of the Wicked Rush before it reaches them to avoid getting the Wicked Gash bleed

Piercing Blur - avoidable damage - summons several echoes of the boss which rush forward in a straight line in front of them, dealing damage to anyone they hit. Just make sure your group side steps this. These are positioned on the sides of the platform and can be either horizontal or vertical and the animation is very obvious.

The most dangerous part of this boss is that all of these abilities can overlap, so you will need to dodge Piercing Blur while simultaneously spreading apart for Wicked Rush or stacking for Gloom Squall