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Due to the nature of SL's nonlinear dungeon design and surplus of mobs/paths you can take through most dungeons there is no “perfect path” that can be applied to every group comp or even set of affixes.

As a result, this guide will only make generalized suggestions in terms of pathing and we recommend that you visit and check their MDT section to find a route that fits your group and comfort level.

For any feedback on this guide or if you have suggestions for changes, please visit us on our Discord server and let us know!

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Necrolord Covenant Bonus

Necrolord players get access to several buffs throughout the dungeon, obtained by using their Fleshcraft ability on the corpse of specific mobs in the dungeon. They can only have multiple buffs up at any given time (possible by killing multiple slimes that can be reached with 1 Fleshcraft) and they all last 2 minutes so you can almost always refresh your buff with a new one when it falls off. They benefit the Necrolord player, as well as all members of their party as long as they are within range (differs based on buff, see table below). 

The following mobs all gives buffs when Fleshcraft is used on their body:

Mob Buff on Necrolord Player Buff on Party Tips

Pestilence Slime

(red slime)

Rapid Infection

(lasts for 2 minutes)

Rapid Infection - increases the haste of party members by 15%

Applies to all party members within 10 yards of the Necrolord player

  • Due to its short range, this buff encourages stacking together which can be difficult on weeks such as Volcanic, Quaking, and Storming.
  • Getting good usage out of this buff can be significantly easier in groups that are all melee or all ranged, and can lead to a huge dps increase if uptime is optimized.
  • This will probably be the go-to buff whenever possible

Gushing Slime

(green slime)

Corrosive Gunk

(lasts for 2 minutes)

Corrosive Gunk - Dealing damage has a chance to deal AoE nature damage to all mobs within 10 yards every (3.5 rppm)

Applies to all party members within 8 yards of the Necrolord player

  • Because of its short range on both mobs and players, the group should stack together as much as possible for the duration of this buff.
  • This may be inconvenient to use on weeks that have affixes that discourage stacking in melee range like Volcanic, Spiteful, Quaking and Storming.

Congealed Slime

(purple slime)

Congealed Contagion

(lasts for 2 minutes)

Congealed Contagion - Grants 10% damage reduction to party members

Applies to all party members within 10 yards of the Necrolord player

  • This will be a great option for coordinated groups that are pushing higher keys as they can plan to use this damage reduction for specific unavoidable abilities that would otherwise be deadly
  • On lower key difficulties or with groups that are not coordinating around this buff, it will likely be a waste to take this over one of the other options that gives output if given the choice between 2 types of slimes. 

The mobs at the start of this dungeon are very commonly skipped by any group that has access to invisibility through Shroud of Concealment as the trash has difficult mechanics and is not valued very highly in percentage. If you don't have access to a rogue in higher Fortified keys, it may be worth it for your group to do a death skip here if you are confident you will not wipe. However, that being said there are some easy skips you can take advantage of later in the dungeon that do not require a specific comp to execute and they will be outlined as they come up!


Fungi Stormer

  • Fungistorm - stunnable (group damage) - deals AoE damage to all enemies in a 60 yard range 



  • Wonder Grow - interrupt (purge) - it will buff the damage of all mobs within 15 yards by 15%, purgeable if you miss
    • If you have a Priest, they can Mind Control this add and apply the buff to your party
  • Binding Fungusinterrupt - roots and deals damage to anyone who steps in the void zones


Pestilent Harvester

  • Hurl Spores - disease dispel - deals damage to random enemies and puts a dispellable DoT on them
  • Doom Shroom - avoidable - summons a large mushroom that damages anyone standing next to it


Decaying Flesh Giant

  • Creepy Crawlers - interrupt - summons adds
  • Plagued Carrion - avoidable - damaging this mobs put pools on the ground so be ready to move up along the path as a group when space becomes limited



  • Blightbeak - tank hit (disease dispel) - physical damage with a stacking 5% health reduction debuff
  • Wing Buffet - frontal cone (avoidable) - deals damage with a knock back

Globgrog Boss Room: Pulling all of the slime together is very efficient but can be more dangerous the more melee dps you have. With a ranged-heavy group they can stay far away enough that the damage won’t reach them and you as the tank will be the only one taking damage. Any large AoE cc, slows, or displacement such as Ring of Peace, Vortex, Typhoon etc are very helpful here to allow you to kite once you have threat established

Gushing Slime

  • Gushing Slime - group damage - deals constant nature damage to all players within 10 yards of the slime -- put up magic mitigation for large pulls
  • Slime-Coated - purge - they all start with this buff which causes them to leave a puddle behind when they die, AoE purges like Arcane Torrent are extremely useful here
  • Necrolord players can use Fleshcraft on this mob's corpse to gain: Corrosive Gunk

Spiteful: pulling all of the Slimes is very dangerous as they tend to all die at the same time. Make sure your dps are prepared to kite and cc the Spiteful Shades that spawn.



  • Beckon Slime - add summon - slimes come out of the pool towards him. If they hit him he heals for a small amount and gets a damage done increase. 
    • Since the heal from the slimes is so small with current tuning, it is better to just keep him still and let your dps kill him faster rather than trying to kite him away from them or losing dps by trying to kill slimes.
    • You can also use AoE CCs, slows, and displacements to prevent the slime from reaching him.
  • Belch Plague - frontal cone (avoidable)


  • Beckon Slime - kill the little ones first before they reach the boss. Then either kill or hard cc the big one before returning dps to boss
  • Plaguestomp - unavoidable knockback with a DoT and slow
  • Slime Wave - avoidable frontal cone

He will periodically Beckon Slime, similar to the trash before him. He will summon 3 Slimy Morsels and 1 larger Slimy Smorgasbord

  • Any slimes that reach him will heal him for 300% of their remaining health -- this makes it very important to kite him away and kill the slimes, especially as key level goes up
  • The Slimy Smorgasbord (big one) is very slow so it is better to have your dps immediately swap to the smaller adds while you kite away and then swap to the bigger one. 
  • Alternatively, you can also kill the small adds and have someone cc the large add (Rogue’s Blind, Warlock’s Banish, Paladin’s Turn Evil)

Plaguestomp group damage - deals physical damage, a knock back, and applies Debilitating Plague to all party members regardless of range

  • Debilitating Plague - disease dispel - applies a DoT and reduces movement speed by 30% for 20 sec
  • DK: Anti-Magic Shell will prevent application of the DoT
  • Paladin: Blessing of Spellwarding and Divine Shield will prevent application of the DoT

Slime Wave - frontal cone (avoidable)  - deals a large amount of magic damage, applies a DoT, and roots anyone it hits 

The next area includes a very open area that has a lot of flexibility in skips without the use of Invisibility or Battle Rez. See below for the path to skip the entire next zone until you reach the gauntlet into the mini boss, Virulax Blightweaver.

Unstable Canisters -- these are scattered throughout the dungeon, when you kill them they will put down a ground effect and explode a few seconds later (Violent Detonation) hitting anything within that ground effect for a fair amount of damage and applying a DoT. This detonation will also hit mobs so whenever possible try and drag your current pull onto an Unstable Canister and use it to help you kill the pack. A slow or AoE cc right before it goes off will help keep the mobs in place while you run out so you don’t get hit. 

Wretched Plagueborer

Rotting Slimeclaw

  • Corroded Claws - disease dispel - stackable debuff on the tank that reduces stats by 5% per stack. Need to dispel on cooldown if possible
    • This ability will apply to the nearest melee player if the tank is not in range!
    • This is deceptively dangerous, especially on Fortified weeks. If there are multiple of this mob in a pull, stun them at differing intervals to stagger the application of this debuff as even the first hit can hurt a LOT


Blighted Spinebreaker

  • Festering Belch - frontal cone (avoidable) - deals heavy nature damage and a knock back

When the Spinebreakers die they spawn Slithering Ooze adds that begin casting Metamorphosis. Run over them ASAP before they finish the cast or they will turn into Rotmarrow Slimes. Whoever squishes them will take physical damage so on higher keys it may be best to do it alone as the tank. 


Rotmarrow Slime

  • Corrosive Gunk - interrupt (disease dispel) - applies a DoT to all players within 15 yards; disease dispel if it gets off




Congealed Slime

  • Withering Filth - stunnable - jumps to a random party member reducing their haste by 45% 
    • Currently on beta seems to ignore the tooltip and prioritizes the tank with this so stay out of range of the tank
  • Congealed Contagion - priority target - gives an aura to all nearby mobs that reduces their damage taken by 75%
  • Necrolord players can use Fleshcraft on this mob's corpse to gain: Congealed Contagion

Rigged Plagueborers will spawn in the gauntlet before Virulax Blightweaver and they will continue spawning until you engage him. Be careful when fighting the Slime Tentacles as the Rigged Plagueborers can kill you with their explosion while being gripped by the Slime Tentacles (the explosion goes up the z-axis).

Rigged Plagueborer

  • Wretched Phlegm - poison dispel - applies a small DoT and a 65% slow
  • Plague Bomb - avoidable damage - the bombs on them will explode after a short time, killing them and dealing a lot of damage to any party member within 10 yards
    • They will also drop the bomb and detonate it if they die. 
  • You can use the bombs these mobs drop to kill/dps down other mobs in the dungeon; some groups even take the plagueborers around to multiple packs but this can be quite dangerous until you get some practice with it. This is most popularly done using the plagueborers that spawn from Ickus and they are used for the trash before the second boss. 


Slime Tentacle

  • Tank needs to stay in range or it will cast Vile Spit on the group
  • Crushing Embrace - stun/incapacitate - will grab a random player in melee range and hold them for 10 seconds or until killed; try to stun this if possible as it can be very dangerous

Virulax Blightweaver [miniboss]

  • Wasting Blight - disease dispel - deals nature damage to party members and reduces their haste by 50% for 8 sec.
  • Obliterating Ooze - avoidable - deals heavy nature damage to anyone in the circle at the end of the cast
  • Pestilence Bolt - interrupt - small magic cast on the tank

Once you get to the boss arena, carefully clear trash on all 4 platforms, avoiding the boss as he jumps between them so you don’t engage them. Try and pull the trash back to the corners of the platform to avoid him. He will start moving after you kill the first pack and will move counter clockwise, jumping to a new platform every 10-15 seconds. 

Pestilence Slime

  • Rapid Infection - void zone - upon death, leaves a pool on the ground that deals damage and applies a 25% haste buff to anyone that stands in it
    • This includes mobs and players so keep the mobs out of it and if the healer can heal through it, your group can stand in it to take advantage of the haste. (can even be done on the boss if you pull him to the platform with this puddle)
  • Viral Globs - interrupt - deals a small amount of nature damage to random party members 
  • Necrolord players can use Fleshcraft on this mob's corpse to gain: Rapid Infection


Doctor Ickus

  • Slime Injection - dispel off the tank
  • Plague Bomb - priority target when arriving to a new platform
  • Congealed Slime - Reduces the damage taken of everything around it by 75%, keep it away from the bomb
  • Stay spread out to avoid most mechanics

Doctor Ickus will jump between platforms planting Plague Bombs.

  • It is very important to follow him to the next platform quickly or he will deal damage to everyone with Burning Strain when no one is in melee range of him.
  • When you get to a new platform the #1 priority is killing the Plague Bomb before it detonates. 

He casts Slime Injection on the tank, which is a 1 minute long stacking DoT that can be removed with a magic dispel

  • This should be dispelled on cooldown to minimize tank damage
  • Once it's dispelled, a small slime will spawn that deals a large amount of damage to anyone who steps on it but can be killed quickly due to its low HP

Shortly after arriving to a new platform he will summon a Congealed Slime:

  • Withering Filth - stunnable - jumps to a random party member reducing their haste by 45% 
  • Congealed Contagion - priority target - gives an aura to all nearby mobs that reduces their damage taken by 75%
    • It is VERY important to tank this away from the Plague Bomb and ideally away from anything else
    • Should be your next priority kill after the bomb is dead. 

Oozing Outbreak - avoidable - he will jump around the platform, sending green puddles out in four directions around him that deal a large amount of magic damage to anyone hit. 

Slime Lungespread - leaps to a random player, inflicting heavy physical damage to all nearby players and knocking them back (stay spread out)

If you have enough trash count, you can jump over to the left hand side once you go down the bridge and walk along the edge of the waterfall to avoid most of the trash in the next area. If you don’t have enough count you can use this area to get trash % (the middle island is a popular choice).

Defender of Many Eyes

  • Bulwark of Maldraxxus - stunnable - use stuns/displacement to stop the channeled shield 
  • Death Knights can Control Undead this mob which will give access to a damage reduction from their shield for your party


Venomous Sniper

  • Call Venomfang - stunnable - summons a Venomfang that will just melee the tank
  • Death Knights can Control Undead this mob (however since the removal of its main ability, it no longer deals very high damage)


Brood Ambusher

Are scattered throughout the zone in stealth

  • Ambush - tank hit - deals physical damage and jumps behind the tank when engaged if they are not hit first
  • Enveloping Webbing - interrupt - roots the party for 6 seconds
  • Stealthlings - stunnable - summons a group of stealthlings



  • These can easily get out of hand and cause you to wipe.
  • They are stealthed when summoned by a Brood Ambusher but you can see their location when they initially spawn. 
  • You need to reveal them asap and kill them as they all cast Ambush and can easily kill a party member.
    • If you can’t kill them in time you need to throw an AoE cc on them to prevent them from getting the cast off. 

You need to be at at least 83.5% trash before heading down into the hole after Domina Venomblade

Domina Venomblade

  • Solitary Prey - stay within 6 yards of each other except when targeted by Shadow Ambush, move out of the group
  • Reveal and kill Brood Assassins hidden in the Shroudweb on the ground with AoE abilities
  • Kill any Stealthlings spawned by the Brood Assassins
  • Cytotoxic Slash - dispel off tank if possible

Her main mechanic is Solitary Prey, which will wrap players in a web if they are more than 6 yards away from their allies for more than 6 seconds. As a result you need to try and move as a group as much as possible for the duration of the mechanics. The only time you should be separated is:

  • Shadow Ambush - she will mark a player and after a few seconds will deal a moderate amount of shadow damage and apply a stun to them and any allies within 10 yards. 
    • The targeted player should move out of the main group stack just far away enough to not have anyone else in their circle
    • Once they have been stunned at least one other player should stack back onto them to ensure they are not targeted by Solitary Prey -- easiest option for this is the tank to minimize movement requirements for dps and healers


Brood Assassins will spawn periodically, hidden within large patches of Shroudweb on the ground. Revealing and killing them should be your primary focus as they will periodically apply a long DoT on players with Assassinate

  • If you have ranged dps, they can stay together in the middle of the room so they can maintain high dps uptime and the healer can either move with the tank if there are no melee dps or stay with the ranged player if there are. 
  • When they spawn someone in the group can reveal them by casting an AoE spell in the middle of the Shroudweb
  • Hunter’s Flare will also reveal them
  • Melee and tanks that can do AoE damage around them easily (such as Rushing Jade Wind) are very good at running through the Shroudweb quickly
    • You can also put Tiger’s Lust/Blessing of Freedom on fast players with good AoE to run through webs without being slowed and get back to the group before they get targeted by Solitary Prey


Cytotoxic Slash - tank hit (poison dispel) - deals physical damage and increases nature damage taken by 100% for 8 sec. Venomblades causes her melee attacks to also deal nature damage so it is best to dispel it as often as possible if you can


After dropping down into the water, you can go to the right instead of straight ahead to find a small room with 3 types of slimes in it. This pull will give you 3% trash and give any Necrolord player their choice of buffs heading into the last boss. 

In the final boss room you can hug either the left or right wall to avoid the pack of mobs with Ickor Bileflesh - if you pull him first, he will teleport around and aggro all of the mobs which can be dangerous if your group is not comfortable, or if it is a Bolstering, Explosive, or Spiteful week. Go in behind him and kill the other two packs first before pulling the pack near the entrance to the room.

Plaguebound Devoted

  • Oozing Carcass - they take 30% less damage from AoE attacks, depending on the class, single targeting them down will often get the best result
  • These mobs melee VERY hard, but move slowly. Especially in higher keys you may need to spend most of your time kiting them once you’ve established threat and only go into melee range of them with strong mitigation up


Ickor Bileflesh

  • Pestilence Bolt - interrupt - magic cast on the tank
  • Oozing Carcass - he will occasionally buff a random mob, increasing their movement speed by 500%, reducing all damage taken by 30%, and making them immune to all cc and displacement

Margrave Stradama

  • Keep a close eye on the slam pattern of the tentacles. They slam in the order that they spawned and glow bright green before they hit
  • Touch of Slime - cast by the Malignant Spawn, needs to be soaked by the tank
  • Periodically summons Plaguebound Devoted at 66% HP and 33% and below HP

The primary mechanic of this fight is following the slam pattern of the tentacles that spawn in a circle around the boss. They will periodically spawn around her and slam down a few seconds later dealing a lot of damage to anyone hit. The tentacles glow bright green right before they hit and they will slam in the order that they spawned so you should be able to easily identify the safe spot and pattern. 

She will also spawn a Malignant Spawn which does a Touch of Slime cast - the tank alone must stand in this to absorb the damage, otherwise it will do double damage to the entire party. They aren’t a big dps priority but make sure they die before the next one spawns. 

Infectious Rain - group damage (disease dispel) - deals magic damage to the party and applies a stacking disease DoT