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Shad'har the Insatiable

Updated on 11/21/2020, 10:19:24
One of N'Zoth's most nightmarish creations, Shad'har the Insatiable feats on the corrupted carcasses that the Old God's minions discard into its domain. Tormented by ceaseless hunger, Shad'har's body twists and mutates with every corpse it devours.
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    Fight Summary

    This is a 3 phase encounter, at the start of each phase the boss will eat a material which will dictate the mechanics in the phase. This happens in a set order Shadowy > Void-tinged > Noxious. 

    Please note: During PTR tests it was Shadowy > Noxious > Void-tinged, however the Dungeon Journal reflects the other stated above.

    Boss Abilities in Every Phase

    CrushDissolve - This is the tank swap of the encounter and it can be cast in any order. Three casts in total will happen and it will never be 3 in a row of the same. There are 6 possible combinations in total.


    The simplest way to handle this mechanic is that the tank who is currently tanking the boss takes the first hit whatever it may be.

    If it's the same hit again they keep it and then the next tank takes it.

    If it's the alternate ability, you swap.

    If the final hit is the same as before (example: Crush, Dissolve, Dissolve) the 2nd stack will go on that tank and you swap again after this.

    The goal is to have the tank with 2 stacks of any debuff NOT tanking the boss.

    Living Miasma - Throughout the encounter Living Miasma adds will spawn and fixate on a player. Once they reach that player they will cast Slurry Outburst dealing damage to all players within 15 yards and despawn.

    When the boss reaches 66% he will run towards the Void-Tinged Carcass and enter Phase 2.

    Phase 2 (Void-Tinged Carapace - 66% to 33%)

    The boss will lose access to all Umbral abilities and gain access to new Entropic abilities. 

    The boss positioning will remain the same as Phase 1.

    Entropic Mantle - This will apply a 25 second long debuff which deals a small amount of Shadow damage. However a new stack is applied every 20 seconds making it deadlier over time.

    Entropic Buildup - Orbs will spawn in a random locations throughout the phase, the orb will reduce in size when soaked and explode once fully soaked (or has timed out). The amount of damage the Orb does to the raid is based on its size when it explodes.

    When the boss reaches 33% he will run towards the Noxious Carcass and enter Phase 3.

    Phase 3 (Noxious Carapace - 33% to 0%)

    The boss will lose access to all Entropic abilities and gain access to Noxious abilities.

    For this phase you will want to move the boss to the side, have the raid stacked behind the boss and move as a single group, as illustrated on the map below.

    Noxious Mantle - This will deal moderate Nature damage every 3 seconds until the end of the Phase.

    Bubbling Overflow - At the very start of the Phase one of these will be placed in the centre of the room, and will grow outwards adding a soft enrage to the Phase. If you are stood in these you will take a large amount of Nature damage every second. Each tick will deal double the damage of the previous tick.

    Frenzy - When the boss reaches 30% Health he will enter a Frenzy and deal 25% more damage.


    Living Miasma - This will now root the player when they are fixated.

    Spells that remove movement impairment can remove this root: Shapeshifting (Druid), Blessing of Freedom (Paladin), Divine Shield(Paladin), Tiger's Lust (Monk), Cloak of Shadows (Rogue), Ice Block (Mage), Dispersion (Shadow Priest), Vengeful Retreat (Havoc Demon Hunter), Master's Call (Hunter), Disengage (if talented for Posthaste - Hunter).

    Spells that remove being slowed can remove this root: Wraith Walk (Death Knight), Ghost Wolf (Shaman).

    Where a person targeted does not have their own utility, the group should provide this via an external, a 2-3 person Tiger's Lust/Blessing of Freedom rotation is sufficient to cover the whole raid in the worst case scenario.

    Tasty Morsel - When the Living Miasma explodes, it will now leave behind a Tasty Morsel on the ground. You pick this up by running over it, and you will need to feed it to the boss by running into him. However, once you pick up a Tasty Morsel you will gain the Slimy Residue debuff which will deal a small amount of ticking Nature damage and prevent you from picking any Tasty Morsel's up for 3 minutes.

    Hungry - Throughout the encounter Shad'har will gain stacks of Hungry every 4 seconds, at 10 stacks Shad'har will gain the Uncontrollably Ravenous buff which increases his damage dealt by 250% (you will wipe). You are able to reset the stacks of Hungry on Shad'har by running a Tasty Morsel into him.

    Once the Uncontrollably Ravenous buff is applied it cannot be removed.

    Tank Damage Profile

    Crush Tank

    75% Physical
    15% Shadow
    10% Nature
    55% Auto Attack, 20% Crush 


    Dissolve Tank

    75% Nature
    25% Shadow
    60% Dissolve 

    Tanking Notes

    Conduct the tank swap during Crush and Dissolve

    The goal with the tank swaps is to have the tank with 2 stacks of any debuff NOT tanking the boss.

    During Phase 3 position the boss in a way that the group can still access the boss

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk

    Zen Meditation is very useful to mitigate a double stack of Dissolve

    [Mythic] Tiger's Lust is useful to remove the root from the Living Miasma

    Vengeance Demon Hunter

    Fiery Brand is very useful to mitigate a double stack of Dissolve

    Protection Paladin

    You are able to block Crush

    Blessing of Spellwarding will negate the damage from the initial hit of Dissolve but will not prevent the debuff from being applied with the DoT

    [Mythic] Blessing of Freedom is useful to remove the root from the Living Miasma

    Protection Warrior

    You are able to block Crush

    Rallying Cry is helpful to use at the end of any of the Phases due to the increasing amounts of raid damage and healer pressure

    Guardian Druid

    Stampeding Roar can be helpful to allow players to move out of a badly aimed breath

    Blood Death Knight

    Anti-Magic Shell will negate the damage from the initial hit of Dissolve but will not prevent the debuff from being applied with the DoT

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