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The grotesque amalgam of flesh known as Drest'agath slumbered beneath Ny'alotha for millennia until being awakened by N'Zoth's return. Now she rises like a revolting boil, ready to burst and spread her vile pestilence across Azeroth.
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    Fight Summary

    This is a single phase encounter where the boss will heal all of the damage you do to him unless you have the buff from Void Infused Ichor which drops from the adds during the encounter.


    Void Grip - If nobody is in range of the boss he will grip his target and stun them for 5 seconds.

    Volatile Seed - This will act as the tank swap. The active tank will have the Volatile Seed placed on them and after 10 seconds it will detonate. Any friendly or hostile targets within 13 yards will be inflicted with Volatile CorruptionThis includes the tank that placed it.

    Void Glare - A beam will be cast from the boss towards a player location. If any Eyes of Drest'agath are alive they will also cast Void Glare.

    [Heroic] Unleashed Insanity - All players within 12 yards will be stunned and take a large amount of Shadow damage.

    Appendages of Drest'agath

    There are three types of adds which all have unique abilities and ways to be handled.

    When any of these die they will drop Void Infused Ichors. These allow you to deal damage to Drest'agath for 30 seconds, however after the buff expires you will receive the Umbral Aversion debuff which makes you unable to collect Void Infused Ichors for 1.5 minutes.

    Maw of Drest'agath

    Mutterings of Betrayal - This will apply a healing absorb to a targeted player in the raid and all players within 10 yards. This debuff can stack. If the debuff ever stacks to 4 the player will become hostile and get the Betrayed debuff.

    Note: On PTR this seemed to affect pets.

    Acid Splash - This will target a random target and throw acid at them. Anyone within 4 yards of that player will take a moderate amount of Nature damage.

    If Drest'agath is at 100 energy and the Maw of Drest'agath is alive it will cast Spine Eruption, this will make the Maw shoot out rings of spines around themselves. If you are caught in any of these you will take a large amount of Physical damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds.

    Void Miasma - A cloud of Miasma will be around the Tentacle inflicting a moderate amount of Shadow damage to anyone within it and the players in the Void Miasma are unable to target in or out of the Void Miasma. In order to deal damage to the Tentacle, or heal players inside you will need to be inside of the Void Miasma.

    Note: Targeted AoE spells can be cast inside of the Void Miasma and still damage the tentacle (Blizzard for example)


    Throes of Dismemberment - This is the new mechanic for Mythic which will trigger the Errant Blast, Reality Tear or Spine Eruption from all remaining adds of that type when they are killed.

    Tank Damage Profile

    60% Physical
    35% Shadow

    Tanking Notes

    Swap on each cast of Volatile Seed and put it on your highest priority add(s)

    Don't tank after placing a Volatile Seed as you will have the Volatile Vulnerability debuff

    Ensure a tank is always in range of Drest'agath

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk

    Your high mobility is useful for placing Volatile Seed on far away Tentacles

    Whilst you are not tanking, aim to run around the room and debuff Tentacles with Mystic Touch

    Crackling Jade Lightning can be used to apply Mystic Touch to the Tentacles

    Vengeance Demon Hunter

    Infernal Strike is useful for placing Volatile Seed on far away Tentacles

    Whilst you are not tanking aim to run around the room and debuff Tentacles with Chaos Brand

    In order to reduce the damage from the Volatile Seed explosion, Fiery Brand will need to be placed on Drest'agath as he is the source of the damage

    Sigil of Flame can be used to apply Chaos Brand to the Tentacles

    Protection Paladin

    Divine Steed should be used to place Volatile Seed on far away Tentacles

    Blessing of Spellwarding will negate the damage from the Volatile Seed exploding however it will not prevent the Volatile Vulnerability debuff

    Protection Warrior

    Heroic Leap is useful for placing Volatile Seed on far away Tentacles

    Rallying Cry will be helpful to use during Entropic Crash if multiple Tentacles are up

    Spell Reflect can be used to deflect the Volatile Seed debuff and make it not be cast on you. You should only do this when there are no appendages alive to debuff.

    Guardian Druid

    Stampeding Roar is very useful to allow the raid to move around the room faster

    Blood Death Knight

    Wraith Walk will need to be talented for placing Volatile Seed on far away Tentacles

    Anti-Magic Shell will reduce/negate the damage from the Volatile Seed exploding however it will not prevent the Volatile Vulnerability debuff

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