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Primalists sought to pull Terros, an unyielding force of destruction, from the elemental plane. However, their ritual was interrupted. Trapped between two worlds, this hulking terror seeks to free himself and obliterate everything in his path.

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    Fight Summary

    Terros is a single phase encounter with an enrage that is controlled by you and your placement of Resonant Aftermath, when the room is full the Enrage begins.

    Your focus as a raid will be ensuring mechanics are placed properly, notably Resonating Annihilation which is spawned on a random player's location. If one player is really out of position this may create issues.

    When Terros reaches 100 Energy he will cast Resonating Annihilation which spawns Resonant Aftermath in a cone in front of the boss.

    Mechanic Sequence

    This boss has a very strict flow of what happens and when.

    Rock Blast (Stack) > Tank Beam 1 (Break half the pillars) > Shattering Impact (Dodge) > Tank Beam 2
    Rock Blast (Stack) > Tank Beam 1 (Break half the pillars) > Shattering Impact (Dodge) > Tank Beam 2
    100 Energy, run to a new area as a team.

    Boss Abilities

    Rock Blast [Stack] - A random player is targeted and needs to stack with other players to reduce the damage taken. Any player hit will split the damage.
    During this time several players are debuffed with Awakened Earth and should not stack with the rest of the raid.
    After the hit, an Aftershock will appear on the ground, which will deal a high amount of Nature damage within it and knock those players up in the air.

    Awakened Earth [Drop the debuff] - During Rock Blast several players will be marked with this debuff. They will have a yellow arrow above their head and will spawn an Awakened Earth pillar when Rock Blast triggers. Do not stack with other players, but remain close by to each other.
    When it has been destroyed (by boss abilities) it will trigger Seismic Assault, which deals a moderate amount of Nature damage to the raid and apply a small DoT for 8 seconds.

    Fractured Rubble [Dodge] - Dodge the debris falling from the sky.
    [Heroic/Mythic] Once the Fractured Rubble has landed, it will leave behind Resonant Aftermath.

    Shattering Impact [Dodge] - Terros will pick an area of the room near a player and anybody within this 12 yard area will take a lethal amount of Nature damage.
    After this cast Fractured Rubble will fall from the ceiling around the impact location.

    This can be baited by having players of the raid stack together and will make the room cleaner. This is not necessary for Normal/Heroic but might be something to consider for Mythic.

    Concussive Slam [Tank Swap] - 1 stack Tank swap. Hits in a line from Terros to the edge of the room and destroys any Awakened Earth in the blast. Any player hit will receive a stack of a 25% increased damage taken debuff.

    Resonating Annihilation [Dodge] - When Terros reaches 100 Energy he will cast in a frontal cone. Any players hit will take a lethal amount of Nature damage.
    After it is cast Fractured Rubble will fall.
        • Any Awakened Earth caught in this cone will be destroyed.
        • An additional player will be marked with Awakened Earth each time Terros casts this.

    The first quarter will be based strictly on the location of the player it has targeted. All others will be a set quarter where the randomly picked player is.

    Tectonic Barrage [Always be in range] - If no player is in range of Terros, the raid will take pulsing damage.

    Resonant Aftermath

    Resonant Aftermath is created by the following abilities:
        • Shattering Impact will create pools nearby the impact location.
        • A frontal cone from the boss when they cast Resonating Annihilation.
        • [Heroic/Mythic] Fractured Rubble landing spots (adding RNG to your space management).

    While standing in Resonant Aftermath you will take a high amount of Nature damage every second.

    When the room is filled with Resonant Aftermath Terros will start his enrage and cast Frenzied Devastation on the raid, which deals a moderate amount of Nature damage, and applies a debuff to every player hit to increase their damage taken by 50%.

    Tank Damage Profile

    75% Physical
    25% Nature
    70% Auto Attack 

    Swing Timer: 1.8s (Can be interrupted by spell casting & can be slowed)

    Tank Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk


    Vengeance Demon Hunter


    Protection Paladin


    Protection Warrior


    Guardian Druid


    Blood Death Knight


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