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Vigilant Guardian

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This eternal guardian lies in wait, keeping a timeless vigil over the entrance to the Sepulcher of the First Ones.

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    Fight Summary

    This is a three phase encounter where you will fight against the defenses at the enterance of the raid and finally fight against the Vigilant Guardian.

    Phase 1: Kill adds as they spawn and move inside barriers when the boss casts Exposed Core.
    Phase 2: Take the boss down to 15% and avoid mechanics.
    Phase 3: Kill it before it kills you.

    Phase 1

    Your goal as a raid in this phase is to kill adds near an Automated Defense Matrix. Each time an add dies their Energy jumps into the nearest valid inactive add. 

    You need to have made an Automated Defense Matrix active before the boss is at full temperature (extra resource bar) and casts Exposed Core.

    Avoid Deresolution Beams that are targeted on players and Refracted Blasts.

    Volatile Materium

    1 Energy Each
    • Kill these to spawn Pre-Fabriacted Sentry

    Point-Defence Drone

    4 Energy Each
    • Spam casts & then TPs away to channel into a player.
    • The channels can be cancelled with displacement.
    • Vortex before they TP away works. Grip works.

    Pre-Fabricated Sentry

    Spawns by boss casts
    • Applies tank debuffs - Swap on 3 stacks
    • Does a frontal cone - Point away from raid!

    Automated Defense Matrix
    Provides Damage Reduction for Raid
    • Tank & Kill Adds near this to empower it
    • Once it has received 16 energy a shield will spawn providing 80% damage reduction from Exposed Core
    • [Heroic/Mythic] This will reduce damage taken from mobs inside by 90%.

    [Heroic/Mythic] The Automated Defense Matrix will become active after Exposed Core has finished and will channel Sear into random players.

    When the Automated Defense Matrix dies it will drop an Unstable Core. One player will need to carry this up the ramp and to the boss. Each one of these will deal 20% of damage to the boss.

    Phase 2 begins when the boss is at 40%.

    Phase 2

    The boss will roll out from the wall and become active.

    You can get run over by the boss as it rolls down. Don't die a stupid death.

    Vigilant Guardian
    • Swap on 1 stack of Pneumatic Impact
    • Position yourself away from the raid so they do not have to avoid Split Resolution Tank slams
    • Avoid Matter Dissolution Orbs
    • Phase 3 begins at 15%

    Split Resolution - The boss will slam the tank leaving hexagon shaped pools in lines from the impact point. Move out of these before they explode.

    Pneumatic Impact - Tanks should swap on each cast.

    Matter Dissolution - A player is targeted and orbs will converge on their location. Avoid!

    When the boss reaches 15% Phase 3 will begin.

    Phase 3

    The boss will channel Core Overload until it dies. This deals raid wide damage and does 30% more damage every tick. The boss will not do any other attacks during this time.

    Kill it before it kills you!

    Tank Damage Profile

    70% Physical
    30% Cosmic
    Auto Attack 

    Vigilant Guardian Swing Timer: 4s (Curse of Weakness 4.8s)

    Point Defence Drone, Prefabricated Sentry, Volatile Materium Swing Timers: 2s (Curse of Weakness 2.4s)

    Tank Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk

    [Heroic/Mythic] Ring of Peace can be used to knock adds out of the shields so that they do not take reduced damage.

    Vengeance Demon Hunter

    [Heroic/Mythic] Sigil of Chains can be used to knock adds out of the shields so that they do not take reduced damage.

    Protection Paladin

    Blessing of Spellwarding can be placed on a player who is late getting into the Barrier to save them from the Exposed Core damage.

    Protection Warrior

    Spell Reflection can be used to reflect Split Resolution and Wave of Disintegration.

    Dissonance can be blocked.

    Rallying Cry is best used to help the raid with Exposed Core (Phase 1) and Core Overload (Phase 3).

    Guardian Druid

    Stampeding Roar is useful to get players together for Exposed Core and for moving to the next Automated Defense Matrix.

    If you are playing Restoration Affinity, Ursol's Vortex can be used on Point Defense Drones before they blink away to cast Searing Ablation to grip them back to the raid instantly and cancel the cast.

    Blood Death Knight

    Anti-Magic Zone is best used to mitigate raid damage taken from Exposed Core (Phase 1) and Core Overload (Phase 3).

    Death GripGorefriend's Grasp and Abomination Limb are all useful tools to displace the Point Defense Drones and cancel their Searing Ablation casts.

    [Heroic/Mythic] Gorefriend's Grasp can be useful to grip adds out of the shields so that they do not take reduced damage.

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