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Lords of Dread

Updated on 4/17/2022, 8:47:42

The Dread Lords have worked for eons to bring Zovaal's plan to completion. Now, on the brink of their master's victory, they only need to complete one final task to ensure none are left to resist the new order.

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    Fight Summary

    During this encounter you will be fighting against both Dreadlords at the same time. They will slowly fill the encounter area with Slumber Clouds and when they reach 100 Energy each Dreadlord use their ultimate ability.

    Mal'Ganis will use Unto Darkness which will turn both Dreadlords into swarms of insects which will deal large amounts of raid damage, however both bosses will take 100% more damage from the raid.

    Kin'tessa will use Infiltration of Dread which will make the entire raid hostile to each other and both bosses will hide inside players. Identify the players who have the dreadlords hidden in them and kill them to end the phase. Most people will see the same two players as the ones with the bosses hidden in them, however the players with the bosses will see different people in an attempt to throw you off. Follow the majority instead of the vocal few.

    When either boss dies their corpse will deal increasing amounts of raid damage until the other boss dies with Rampaging Swarm. Kill both bosses at a similar time.

    Raid Mechanics

    Two Slumber Cloud spawn in the room after each 100 Enery Ability and on the pull at player locations. If a player touches a cloud they will be put to sleep for 8 seconds.

    Cloud of Carrion is applied to players as the fight goes on. This will deal increasing damage per tick. This can be passed to another player by them having them run into the Green Circle around the player with the Cloud of Carrion.

    Biting Wounds is applied to players who remove the debuff, increasing their damage taken from Cloud of Carrion for 8 seconds.

    Fearful Trepidation - Two players will have this applied to them and anyone within these when it expires will be feared.

    Fearful Trepidation can be used to remove Cloud of Carrion permanently from the fight and you will not be feared.

    This will cause small swarms to project from the player based on the direction they are facing. If any player makes contact with these they will receive the Cloud of Carrion debuff so it is important that no player is hit by these.

    Manifest Shadows - An Inchaote Shadow will spawn in the room. Let it reach full health from Ravenous Hunger casts and then kill it.

    Ideally your raid should have a Death Knight player Death Grip this add onto the bosses when it reaches full Health.

    Tank Mechanics

    Your role as a tank on this encounter is to move the bosses away from Slumber Clouds and keep them faced away from any other player (including your co-tank). 

    Mal'Ganis will attack the tank and all targets in front of him with Leeching Claws and apply Opened Veins which reduces healing received.

    If Leeching Claws hits a target which has Opened Veins 10% health will be restored to Mal'Ganis.

    Kin'tessa will attack the tank and all targets in front of her with Anguishing Strike and apply a stacking Shadow DoT.

    100 Energy Abilities


    Unto Darkness - When Mal'Ganis reaches 100 Energy both bosses will deal high amounts of raid damage for 20 seconds and take 100% more damage.

    Any spec with a 2 minute AoE damage cooldown should save them for this phase for additional damage.

    [Heroic] After each use of Unto Darkness Mal'Ganis gains a stack of Decay Mastery which increases damage dealt by 10% and increase the tick rate of Cloud of Carrion.


    Infiltration of Dread - When Kintessa reaches 100 Energy the raid will become hostile to each other and both dreadlords will be hiding on players in the raid. Some of your raid are able to see the Dreadlords above players. Call out who you can see and once you have reached a consensus as a raid, kill those players to end the phase.

    Two players will see different players from everyone else, these are the ones you have to kill! Once you kill them, they get an immunity aura preventing them from actually dying. Tanks are never chosen.

    If you accidentally kill a wrong player, they are just dead.

    [Heroic] After each use of Infiltration of Dread Kin'tessa gains a stack of Shadow Mastery which increases her damage dealt by 10%, and increases the size of Slumber Clouds.

    Tank Damage Profile

    65% Physical
    30% Shadow
    50% Auto Attack 
    15% Anguishing Strike DoT 

    Mal'Ganis & Kin'tessa Swing Timers: 1.5s (Curse of Weakness 1.8s)

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk

    Leg Sweep can be used to prevent the Manifest Shadows from casting once it has reached full Health.

    Ring of Peace can be used to bring in the Manifest Shadows once it is on full health.

    Do not save Niuzao for the Unto Darkness phases as you are not taking physical damge during this moment so the damage it deals will be lower than if you used it during active boss tanking phases.

    Vengeance Demon Hunter

    Sigil of Silence can be used on the Manifest Shadow add when they are on full Health to prevent them from casting.

    Protection Paladin

    Avenger's Shield should be thrown on Manifest Shadow add when they are on full Health to prevent them from casting.

    Hammer of Justice can also be used on the Manifest Shadow add when they are on full Health to prevent them from casting.

    Blessing of Spellwarding can be placed on a player with Cloud of Carrion during Unto Darkness to keep them healthy.

    Protection Warrior

    Spell Reflection is best used to mitigate damage from Kin'tessa's Slash and Unto Darkness.

    Anguishing Strike and Leeching Claws are both blockable.

    Rallying Cry is best used to help the raid with the damage taken during the swarm in Unto Darkness.

    Guardian Druid

    Stampeding Roar is useful to help the raid get back into position after Infiltration of Dread.

    Blood Death Knight

    Anti-Magic Shell to mitigate damage from Kin'tessa's slash 

    Anti-Magic Zone is best used to mitigate raid damage taken for the raid during the swarm in Unto Darkness.

    Death Grip the Manifest Shadows add to the boss once they reach full health.

    Gorefriend's Grasp can be useful to grip the Manifest Shadows add closer to boss if Death Grip does not get it all the way to the boss.

    Necrolord Death Knights should save Abomination Limb for the swarm in Unto Darkness as it will deal increased damage during this phase. Additionally, the phases are just over 2 minutes apart so you will have it available for each one.

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