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With great care, Lihuvim weaves ephemera into being in accordance with the hallowed will of the First Ones. Now this process is threatened as mawsworn forces seek to claim this power.

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    Fight Summary

    Boss cycles through phases every ~1:40

    There has been an announced change to this. This will be updated once there is data.

    P1: Spawns Unstable Motes on players which you want to put in areas you dont intend to use again or you can blow them up.

    P2: Pick an add on the side of the room and kill it as a group. If your raid DPS is very high (once more gear has been obtained) you can opt to split the raid and defeat two. 

    Boss Phase

    Unstable Mote - Place away from raid, dont stand in as you walk away.

    Deconstructing Energy - The active tank and one random player will have these bombs placed on them. They can be used to destroy Unstable Motes

    Protoform Cascade - Either stand in or out, not on it.

    Cosmic Shift - Dont get pushed into stars/puddles.

    [Heroic/Mythic] Resonance - Tank Combo. Taunt every time your co-tank gets a circle around them. The taunts need to be quick!

    When Lihuvim reaches 100 energy the boss will move to the middle and start to cast Synthesize.


    Whilst the boss is casting Synthesize it will raid wide damage with Protoform Radiance which applies a debuff increasing the damage it deals each tick.

    During each of these intermissions you will need to kill stand in the highlighted area around the Automa you intend to kill as this will reduce your damage taken by 50% on Normal and 20% on Heroic.

    Defating an Automa before it activates will remove all Protoform Radiance stacks from you allowing you to not get 1 shot by pretty much any mechanic.

    Acquisitions Automa

    Kill Priority - Knocks the raid away when it dies
    • Fixates a player and deals increasing damage the longer its alive
    • When it dies it will cast Detonation
    • Detonation knocks all players within 40 yards away

    Guardian Automa

    Spawns sentries that deal raid damage
    • Spawns a Sentry every 20 seconds
    • The sentries will deal damage to random raid members

    Degeneration Automa

    Channels large damage on players
    • When this add is in range of a player it will cast Degenerate
    • Degenerate cannot be interrupted but the a stun can stop the cast
    • These adds can be gripped and knocked to group them together for AoE

    [Heroic] Defense Matrix

    Defense Matrix Automa
    [Heroic/Mythic Only] Reduces enemy damage taken
    • Applies a buff which reduces damage taken by the boss and all adds by 50%
    • Focus this add down first to remove the damage reduction

    The main theme of destroying Automa is that you ALWAYS want to defeat an Acquisitons Automa as the ability from it is the most annoying.

    Tank Damage Profile

    80% Physical
    20% Cosmic
    70% Auto Attack 

    Lihuvim Swing Timer: 1s (Curse of Weakness 1.2s) Gets delayed very often from casts

    Acquisitions Automa Swing Timer: 2s (Curse of Weakness 2.4s)

    Defense Matrix Automa Swing Timer: 2s (Curse of Weakness 2.4s)

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk

    Leg Sweep can be used to stop casts of Degenerate from the Degeneration Automa.

    Ring of Peace can be used to help mvoe the Degeneration Automa.

    Transcendence can be useful to get yourself back to the boss after detonating Motes.

    Roll can be used at the same time as Cosmic Shift to stop you being pushed back.

    Vengeance Demon Hunter

    Infernal Strike is useful to get back to the boss after Cosmic Shift.

    Sigil of Chains can be used to group Degeneration Automa together for more efficient AoE.

    Protection Paladin

    [Heroic] Ardent Defender is available for one of the tank combos in each Phase. For the other combo you can rotate between Guardian of Ancient Kings, using a trinket or taking the Kinetic part of the combo.

    Protection Warrior

    Degenerate can be reflected with Spell Reflection.

    Kinetic Resonance can be blocked.

    Rallying Cry is best used to help the raid with Protoform Radiance damage.

    Guardian Druid

    Stampeding Roar is useful to get players either to the add in the intermissions or back to boss after you've killed the add.

    Blood Death Knight

    Death's Advance will negate the pushback from Cosmic Shift.

    Anti-Magic Zone is best used to mitigate raid damage taken from Protoform Radiance.

    Gorefriend's Grasp & Abomination Limb can be useful to grip the Degeneration Automa together.

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