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Updated on 3/9/2022, 12:54:39

For eons Halondrus traversed the caverns of the Sepulcher of the First Ones fulfilling its sacred purpose of reclaiming ephemera and returning it to the great cycle. With intruders now throwing this pattern into anarchy, the ancient keeper will do whatever it must to maintain order.

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    Fight Summary

    This is a three phase encounter with two intermissions. The intermissions trigger at 75% and 45%.

    During Boss Phases the boss is rooted in the ground and the raid must avoid tank beams and prevent Ephemeral Motes from touching the boss

    During intermissions the boss moves to a new area and triggers explosions at set locations which knock you back. Don't fall off the cliffs!

    During the Final Boss Phase the boss will create more Emphemeral Fissure than every other phase which means more Motes that need to be kept away.

    [Heroic/Mythic] An additional beam rotates around the boss which the raid needs to avoid. The beam has gaps in the first two boss phases but no gaps in the final boss phase meaning the raid needs to rotate around the boss with the beams.

    Phase 1 & 2

    Seismic Tremors - Lines will shoot from the boss to the edge of the room and create an Emphemeral Fissure which spawns Ephemeral Motes

    Ephemeral Eruption - The motes cannot reach the boss, if they do you will wipe! 

    If you run into a mote it will do a small burst of damage to the player and all players within 6 yards and knock the orb away from the boss.

    Eternity Engine - Passive damage. Whilst active motes are dragged into the boss. Every 20 seconds this increases in power, both in terms of damage dealt and the speed that motes are being dragged in.

    Lightshatter Beam - Tank swap on each beam cast. 

    [Heroic] Spot the white lines, this indicates ones you need to put the tank beam on to break the shields on the Emphemera Motes.

    Reclaim - The boss will apply a 3% absorb shield on it. Whilst the shield holds the raid and all motes will be dragged in. Keep the motes knocked away and break the shield.

    Earthbreaker Missiles - Every player has this debuff applied to them and after the cast finishes they trigger a burst of Cosmic damage to themselves and all players within 6 yards. After a few seconds Aftershock will trigger from the pools on the ground.

    Crushing Prism - Get dispelled in front of a pool. The areas left behind will slow Motes.

    [Heroic] Planetcracker Beam - A rotating beam around the boss which deals a large amount of Cosmic damage every 0.3 seconds a player is in them. Avoid!

    Relocation Form - This indicates the end of the Boss Phase (75% & 45%). A moderate burst of Physical damage is dealt each time a leg is pulled from the ground.


    Make sure you exit the room after the boss leaves. The door will close after the boss goes through and you are left behind you die!

    Earthbreaker Missiles & Crushing Prism are still used.

    Shatter - Knocks the raid away from the location of the orb. Be careful to not get knocked off the cliffs!

    Crushing Prism - Get dispelled to a side.

    Boss spams Lance on the tank.

    Reclamation Form - At the end of the intermission, the boss roots in the ground again dealing raid damage.

    Final Boss Phase (Phase 3)

    Reclaim is no longer cast. 

    Eternity Overdrive replaces Eternity Engine. Orbs are dragged in even faster and the passive raid damage is even higher!

    [Heroic] Planetcracker Beam has no gaps!

    Tank Damage Profile

    Tanking During Intermission

    70% Physical
    30% Cosmic
    65% Lance 
    15% Lightshatter Beam 

    Not Tanking During Intermission

    70% Cosmic
    30% Physical
    35% Lightshatter Beam 
    20% Lance 

    Lance Cast Timer: 1.5s (Cannot be slowed, however is often delayed by spells).

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk

    Transcendence can be useful to get back in position after the Shatter knockback or to get around the Planetcracker Beam.

    Zen Meditation can be used to mitigate damage from Lightshatter Beam.

    Vengeance Demon Hunter

    Use Infernal Strike to get back in position after the Shatter knockback.

    Protection Paladin

    Blessing of Freedom can be used to remove slows on players with Crushing Prism.

    During intermissions ideally your co-tank should have the boss as a lot of Paladin mitigation is based on your current position so you will be weaker than any other tank spec from this heavy movement phase.

    Divine Shield and Blessing of Spellwarding can be used to run through the Planetcracker Beam to soak orbs in the Final Boss Burn.

    Blessing of Protection can prevent the knockback from Shatter.

    Protection Warrior

    Lance can be blocked.

    Use Charge to get back in position after the Shatter knockback.

    Rallying Cry is best used for Earthbreaker Missiles during the Intermissions to help keep the raid healthy.

    Guardian Druid

    Use Skull Bash to get back in position after the Shatter knockback.

    Stampeding Roar is useful help the raid spread for Earthbreaker Missiles during the intermissions.

    Blood Death Knight

    Anti-Magic Shell will make you immune to the Planetcracker Beam allowing you to run through safely.

    Death's Advance will negate the knockback from Shatter.

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