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Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle

Updated on 3/2/2022, 2:06:42

Controlled by Zovaal, Dausegne leads the mawsworn in a battle to gain control of the Forge of Afterlives. With its power, The Jailer will be able to create an eternity of torment.

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    Fight Summary

    This is a single phase encounter which does not have many mechanics but has them happening in higher frequency as the fight goes on.

    You will need to dodge Halos which come from Corrupted Pillars, and every time the boss runs out of Energy it will corrupt a new pillar which in turn creates an additional Halo each cast.

    Every time the boss teleports it will apply an absorb shield which needs to be broken to deal substantial damage to the boss.

    Raid Mechanics

    Disintegration Halo - When you move through a Halo you will receive a debuff that increases your damage taken. Wait for this to fall off before running through another.

    Obliteration Arc - Dodge this beam. If you are caught in a bad spot use a defensive.

    Staggering Barrage - A random non-tank player is targeted by this and the damage needs to be split with other players. Soaking this will apply a debuff so you are not able to soak two in a row. Soak these when you do not have a debuff.

    Inevitable Dominion - When the boss runs out of Energy it will teleport to the next Reservoir and apply a shield. Break the shield to remove 10% health from the boss.

    Tank Mechanics

    Infused Strikes - Stacking tank debuff when being hit by the boss. Swap on ~4-6 stacks. When this debuff expires it will trigger Unleashed Infusion.

    Domination Core - These adds are a DPS Priority. If you are not tanking the boss, tank this mob. Try to keep it slightly away from the boss as it spawns pools that last for 2 minutes.

    Tank Damage Profile

    20% Physical
    50% Shadow
    30% Cosmic
    20% Auto Attack 
    Infused Strikes 

    Dausegne Swing Timer: 2s (Curse of Weakness 2.4s)

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk

    Transcendence can be useful to teleport over a Disintegration Halo and not receive a debuff.

    Vengeance Demon Hunter


    Protection Paladin

    Blessing of Spellwarding  and Divine Shield will prevent you from receiving debuffs from Disintegration Halo.

    Protection Warrior

    Domination Bolt, Obliteration Arc and Staggering Barrage can be reflected with Spell Reflection.

    Rallying Cry is best used to provide EHP to the raid for Inevitable Dominion.

    Guardian Druid

    Stampeding Roar is useful to get players in position for Inevitable Dominion or to help people move large spaces to survive Disintegration Halo or Obliteration Arc.

    If you are a Night Fae consider saving your Convoke the Spirits to break the Siphoned Barrier.

    Blood Death Knight

    If Anti-Magic Shell is active as you run through a Disintegration Halo you will not receive a debuff.

    Anti-Magic Zone is best used to mitigate raid damage taken from Inevitable Dominion.

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