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The Jailer's relentless beast, the Tarragrue, has stalked the halls of Torghast since its first spire was raised. Countless victims have felt their souls trampled to ash by this monstrosity, which now awaits the mortal champions breaching the threshold of the tower.

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    Fight Summary

    This is a two-phase encounter where you will be facing The Tarragrue. You will face him with Anima Powers to hand defeat the beast that once stalked you through Torghast. The Anima Powers can be used strategically in order to counter the mechanics or for large DPS gains to flex on your other raiders.

    Anima Powers

    During this fight, every player in the raid will be able to obtain 4 Anima Powers to use during the encounter.

    How to obtain Anima Powers

    Prior to pulling the boss, four Infused Goliaths will be highlighted on the minimap (North East, North West, South East, South West). Once these have been defeated, they will drop an orb which you can use to obtain an Anima Power.

    You will be given a choice of 3 Anima Powers. Pick what will be best for the boss encounter.

    Note: You cannot drag the Infused Goliaths to the top of the stairs towards the boss. They will reset.

    How to re-roll Anima Powers

    Should you be unsatisfied with your Anima Powers, you are able to reset them at the Anima Siphons located at the entrances to the boss room.

    If you choose to reset your powers you will need to travel to each Anima Orb to receive your choices of powers again.


    Power DescriptionValueComments
    Blade of the LifetakerYour attacks have a high chance to steal health from the enemy equal to 10% of your maximum health.300-1000 DPSThe value of this power depends on your max HP
    Disembodied Mystic HandsYour attacks have a chance to steal a beneficial Magic or Enrage effect from your target, applying it to yourself.~30% DPSFairly high uptime on the enrage, but it does mean the boss is buffed whilst stacks are being stolen so this means more damage taken
    Elethium Diffuser
    Inflicts Shadow damage equal to 50% of all the damage you receive, split amongst enemies within 10 yds, but you are no longer able to step backwards.
    ~2000 DPS for Tanks
    ~500 DPS for non-tanks
    The strength of this power is based around how much damage you take. If you soak any Remnant: Soulforge Heat it will reliably trigger.
    Elethium WeightsYour Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Intellect are increased by 30%, but you are no longer able to jump.~30% DPSThe value is variable on how much your class values main stat. You don't need to jump on this fight so there is no downside.
    Ephemeral Effigy
    You take 25% less Physical damage and suffer 15% more Magic damage. Taking Physical damage has a chance to increase your movement speed by 25% for 6 sec.
    N/AWould argue that this power does not add anything of value in comparison to other options available.
    Erratic Howler
    While in combat, release an uncontrolled howl at random intervals. This howl inflicts X Shadow damage to enemies within 20 yds and interrupts spells.
    ~1500 DPSYou need to be in melee range if you use this power. It provides a good amount of passive DPS.
    Ever-Beating HeartYou become immune to Fear and Stun effects.StrategicThis power allows the player to handle the Chains of Eternity entirely by themselves.
    Heart-Seeking FangWhile in combat, leech X health from a random enemy within 15 yds every 2 sec. This damage and healing is doubled if the target is suffering from a Bleed effect.~600-1200 DPSThe value of this power doubles if you have any bleeds on the boss.
    Huddled CarvingsYour damage and healing done is increased by 30% while within 5 yds of at least 2 other players.30% DPSRequires you to be within 2 other players. Move into melee.
    Leeching StrikesIncreases the caster's leech by 100% for 20 sec.More Healing!This is a strong power for healers and they should soak Remnant: Soulforge Heat if they get this as it will put the leech to work.
    Lumbering FormWhile in combat, your size is increased by 100%, your damage and healing is increased by 30%, and you automatically knock back ALL players that come within 2 yds of yourself.30% DPSNeeds to be combined with Oddly Intangible Key else you're killing the raid during 100 energy phases.
    Negation WellGreatly increase the power of your jumps. Your movement speed is also increased by 20%.N/APretty useless. Avoid.
    Obleron EnduranceMaximum health increased by 45%.ContextualIf combined with Blade of the Lifetaker can add a lot of DPS.
    Obleron EphemeraVersatility increased by 12%.ContextualDepends on how much you value Versatility.
    Obleron SpikesCritical strike chance increased by 12%.ContextualDepends on how much you value Crit.
    Obleron TalismanMastery increased by 12%.ContextualDepends on how much you value Mastery.
    Obleron VenomCritical damage and healing increased by 18%.ContextualDepends on how much you Crit.
    Obleron WindsHaste increased by 12%.ContextualDepends on how much you value Haste.
    Oddly Intangible KeyYou take 90% less damage from area of effect attacks.~500 DPSThe value of this power is purely from not having to do the 100 energy phase. As a melee DPS you will gain more DPS than ranged from this power.
    Overgrowth SeedlingIncreases your armor by 100% and reduces the power cost of most abilities by 30%.Depends on specIgnoring the armor bonus reducing the cost of abilities by 30% is strong for some specs and useless for others.
    Overwhelming PowerIncreases the movement speed of the caster by 100% for 15 sec.N/APretty useless. Avoid.
    Potent Acid GlandYour attacks have a chance to launch a glob of acid, inflicting 30 Nature damage and increasing damage you inflict on that target by 25% for 8 sec.~1000 DPSPassive dps. Pretty worthwhile pick if other options are weaker.
    Pulsing Rot-hiveYour attacks have a chance to attach decayfly larvae in the target, inflicting 9 Nature damage every 1 sec for 6 sec. When this effect expires, the larvae hatch from within the target to fight for you.~1000 DPSPassive dps. Pretty worthwhile pick if other options are weaker.
    Resonating EffigyYou take 25% less Magic damage and suffer 15% more Physical damage. Taking Magic damage has a chance to increase your movement speed by 25% for 6 sec.N/AWould argue that this power does not add anything of value in comparison to other options available.
    Satchel of the HuntYou grant all allies within 20 yds an additional 30% movement speed.StrategicThis power will make movement in the intermission faster, thus giving Ranged DPS players more DPS.
    Soulward ClaspYour abilities have a chance to create a zone of soul empowerment nearby. Any player may collect this to gain 25% damage and healing done and 25% movement speed for 10 sec.~10% raid DPS gain for players that gain it. Strong support power for the raid.You will pick this player primarily to support others as it can be a DPS loss to collect your own zones all of the time, however by standing near DPS players it can land on them.
    Spectral OatsWhile running, you take 10% less damage and inflict 10% more damage, as well as heal for 5% of your maximum health every 1 sec.N/AThe main draw of this power is the healing whilst moving, but if you're moving you're dealing less damage. Would recommend avoiding this power.
    Spiked SkinAttackers take damage each time they attack you for 20 sec.??Unable to find any data on this power. Potentially never added to the possible choices?
    Stoneflesh FigurineWhen below 40% maximum health, you reduce all damage taken by 40% and your own movement speed by 40%.Increased Defensiveness

    This power is quite underwhelming when compared to everything else available. Would avoid unless it's the only good option.

    Ten of TowersIncreases damage done by 10% and reduces damage taken by 10%. Upon death, detonate and stun ALL players and enemies within 10 yds for 10 sec.10% DPSIf you die whilst having this power, this will be a large raid DPS loss.
    The Stone Ward
    Shields you for 30% of your maximum health. This absorb refreshes every 20 sec. While this shield holds, you are immune to stuns and being knocked back.
    StrategicThis power will place a high uptime shield on you and whilst the shield holds make you immune to stuns allowing you to help out with soaking Chains of Eternity.
    Tremorbeast Heart
    Primary stat increased by 15%, and regenerate 5 health every 5 sec.~15% DPSThe value is variable on how much your class values main stat.
    Twisted SamophlangeWhile in combat, the 3 nearest other players to you within 10 yds gain 15% increased damage and healing done.15% DPS for 3 other playersThis power will project a green beam to who is gaining the effect. Each person linked will gain a 15% damage and healing buff.
    V'lara's Cape of SubterfugeYour attacks have a chance to cause you to fade away, reducing your threat for 6 sec. While you are under this effect, your critical strike chance is increased by 50%.~3-10% DPS~20% uptime on the buff. However the value is based entirely around when the proc happens.
    Unstable FormWhile in combat, become incorporeal at random intervals, reducing damage taken by 99% for 3 sec. This ability removes a stack of a random debuff when it occurs.StrategicThis power will allow you to remove a debuff from yourself randomly. This can be quite a powerful defensive power as debuffs on this encounter are either long or make you weaker.

    What Anima Powers to use?

    Below are a sample of the most powerful Anima Powers to use on this encounter. Any Powers not listed will be shown and described in the table above.

    Powers for fight Mechanics

    At least one player in the raid should have Ever-Beating Heart in order to handle Chains of Eternity.

    Unstable Form removes any debuff applied to you and reduces damage taken by 99% for 3 seconds when it activates. Nearly every debuff on this encounter has a long duration so this is a strong power to help the raid.

    Satchel of the Hunt gives everyone within 20 yards a 30% movement speed bonus.

    Powers for Tanks

    Tanks should use Elethium Diffuser if they get it offered to them. It is the highest DPS gain for a Tank.

    The Stone Ward provides a high absorb shield every 30 seconds which will always have value on this fight. Whilst the shield is active you are immune to stuns and knockbacks.

    Blade of the Lifetaker deals damage based on your max HP, a natural choice for tanks.

    All of the powers for DPS below are also valuable for Tanks.

    Powers for DPS

    Disembodied Mystic Hands has a very high uptime (if you do not Soothe the Fury of the Ages instantly), making it the highest DPS power available.

    Elethium Weights is a simple primary stat gain with the downside of not being able to jump. However, you don't need to jump in this fight, so there's no downside!

    Huddled Carvings is another simple power gain. The negative of this is that you need to be within 2 other players. However, you can run into melee and always be in the range of 2 other players!

    Heart-Seeking Fang is a strong pick if you have any players who apply bleeds in the raid. If you are using this power, you need to stand in the melee range of the boss to activate it.

    Pulsing Rot-hive and Potent Acid Gland are strong proc damage Powers which add ~1000 DPS each. If you have high HP as a DPS player Blade of the Lifetaker is also a competitive choice.

    Oddly Intangible Key this power means that you do not need to play the 100 energy phase of the encounter. It also means that you can use Lumbering Form which increases your damage by 30% as you will not be knocking the raid around during the 100 enegry phase.

    Powers for Healing

    Elethium Weights is a simple primary stat gain with the downside of not being able to jump. However, you don't need to jump in this fight so there's no downside!

    Huddled Carvings is another simple power gain, the negative of this is that you need to be within 2 other players. However, you can run into melee and always be in range of 2 other players!

    Leeching Strikes increases leech by 100% for 20 seconds with a 25-second cooldown. Very high uptime.

    Phase 1

    Positioning - You will ideally want the boss to be a static central location to allow for the player with Chains of Eternity to have a consistent place where the Chain will be soaked.

    RaidPlan Link

    Overpower - This is the tank debuff of the fight. The boss will hit the tank with a large amount of Physical damage, Stun the tank and apply Crushed Armor which increases Physical damage taken by 200% for 20 seconds. Swap before the tank is hit again as the subsequent melee swing can be deadly!

    Chains of Eternity - The Chain will target a random player and after 8 seconds will be thrown from The Tarragrue towards that player. The first player hit by the chain will be stunned and be pulled in for Annihilating Smash.  The Annihilating Smash will essentially one shot the player, however if you negate the stun from Chains of Eternity then you will not be gripped in for Annihilating Smash thus negating the mechanic. 

    You can negate the Stun via the Anima Power Ever-Beating Heart or Class Abilities such as Icebound Fortitude, Blessing of Protection, Ice Block, Aspect of the Turtle.

     Predators Howl - This dispellable debuff is applied to several players and will apply the Unshakeable Dread fear to anybody within 5 yards every 3 seconds. Players with this should spread out and be dispelled this quickly.

     [Heroic] Remanants of Forgotten Torments - Throughout the encounter on Heroic difficulty Torments will spawn one at a time, each Torment spawns as a circle of Orbs in the room. Each of these orbs will empower The Tarragrue, however they can be absorbed by players in the raid. There will always be 5 orbs and players can absorb them in the raid.
    Remnant: Upper Reaches' Might - This Torment increases Physical damage dealt by the Tarragrue and absorbing this will increase your Physical damage taken by 10% per stack for 1.5minutes.

    Remnant: Mort'regar's Echoes - This Torment increases Magical damage dealt by the Tarragrue and absorbing this will increase your Magic damage taken by 10% per stack for 1.5minutes.

    Remnant: Soulforge Heat - This Torment makes the Tarragrue pulse a large amount of Fire damage to the raid and absorbing this will make you take a smaller amount of Fire damage per stack for 1.5minutes.

    You are able to remove these debuffs with Immunities and negate the applications of them with effects such as Turtle / AMS in addition to Immunities.

    Fury of the Ages - Every 45 seconds the boss will apply 5 stacks of this enrage to themselves. These stacks should be removed, however they can be stolen by players with Disembodied Mystic Hands. If you do not have any players with this anima power, simply remove them with Enrage removing effects such as Soothe.

    Grasp of Death - The boss will apply this debuff to several player and they will take a high amount of Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 40 seconds. They will need healer direct attention.

    Hungering Mist - When The Tarragrue reaches 100 energy multiple clones of the boss will appear in the room and create a mist around them. There will be a gap in the mists which is your safe spot to run to. If you are not in this safe spot you will take a lethal amount of Shadow damage.

    You are able to see the next safe spot in the dance just before it appears so you can plan your movement better.

    Testing Notes: During PTR, the same safe spot did not appear twice per cycle.

    If you have the AoE reduction Anima Power this will not be deadly. 

    This repeats until the boss reaches 10%.

    Phase 2 (10%)

    When the boss reaches 10% the raid will be stunned and The Tarragrue will call out to the Jailer with and be buffed with The Jailer's Gaze. This empowers the boss 500% additional damage dealt.

    Any melee hit will kill you.

    You will need to kite the boss around the room, if you have multiple players who can taunt then you will want to taunt the boss to one side of the room and have another player taunt the boss away so you are ping-pong'ing the boss around.

    If any player does get hit and dies you will have a short break as The Tarragrue will let out a Triumphant Roar to gloat for 3 seconds and then its back to running and killing.

    Tank Damage Profile

    95% Physical
    85% Auto Attack, 10% Overpower 

    The amount of Fire damage you take is dependant on how many stacks of Soulforge Heat you soak, with certain power combinations it may be more favourable to soak more than normal.

    Swing Timer: 1.5s (Curse of Weakness 1.8s)

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk


    Vengeance Demon Hunter


    Protection Paladin


    Protection Warrior


    Guardian Druid


    Blood Death Knight


    All Tanks icon All Tanks
    Blood icon Blood
    Brewmaster icon Brewmaster
    Vengeance icon Vengeance
    Protection icon Protection
    Protection icon Protection
    Guardian icon Guardian