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The dark pact Sylvanas struck with the val'kyr forged her bond with the Jailer. Through the years, these winged sisters faithfully served the Dark Lady, even if it meant sacrificing themselves on her behalf. Now Sylvanas calls her nine val'kyr to fight for her one last time.

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    Fight Summary

    During this fight you will fight against 3 Valkyr (even though the name of the fight indicates there are 9 to fight against). There are 6 Valkyr who will fight when called on with Call of the Val'kyr. The fight will focus on your ability to play against a wide variety of mechanics which should all be familiar to you if you have raided in the last few raid tiers.

    Phase 1 (Kyra & Signe)

    In this phase you will fight against Kyra & Signe with Skyja flying above lending support.


     Unending Strike – This is the primary tank swap on the encounter. Each hit will leave a debuff that increases damage taken from Unending Strike by 10% per stack. In addition, Repeating Slash will be cast, which will hit all players in the raid.

    Note: It is possible to Dodge/Parry the Repeating Strike.

    Wings of Rage – When Kyra reaches 100 energy, she will pull players towards her for 7 seconds. Any players within 10 yards will be stunned and take a large amount of Physical damage.

    Whilst Kyra is alive she will summon Formless Mass adds which will require additional focus.

    Siphon Vitality – The Formless Mass will attempt to cast this spell, it must be interrupted. If the cast is successful it will deal a moderate amount of raid wide damage and heal for the amount of damage it inflicted. 
    Soulful Blast – This is the main cast from Signe and can be interrupted. Any casts that are not interrupted will deal a moderate amount of Shadow damage to the tank.
      Song of Dissolution – Every ~20 seconds Signe will channel this spell. It will apply a stacking DoT to the raid every 1.5 seconds. Interrupt this as soon as possible.
    Reverberating Refrain – When Signe reaches 100 energy, she will push players away from her for 7 seconds. Any players not within 10 yards will be feared and take a large amount of Shadow damage.


    This boss will not be active during Phase 1 however, when she reaches 100 energy Call of the Val'kyr will be cast. This will summon two Val'kyr to join the fight. Details of what each of the Valkyr can do is detailed in the section below.

    Phase 2 will begin when either Kyra or Signe reach 5% (LFR) / 10% (Normal) / 15% (Heroic) health.

    There are 6 possible Val'kyr that can be summoned, and only two will be called in at a time.

    Agatha's Eternal Blade - This Val'kyr will create distinct shadow lines across the platform, which she will then send blades down. If you are caught in the blade path, you will take a large amount of Physical damage and be knocked back.

    Daschla's Mighty Impact - This Val'kyr will mark two players with a large purple circle around them. Any players inside of these after 10 seconds will take a large burst of Shadow damage in addition to the targeted player.

    Annhylde's Bright Aegis - This Val'kyr will place a 90% damage reduction Dome above the boss(es). You will need to move the boss(es) outside of this ASAP.

    Aradne's Falling Strike - This Val'kyr will place 4 small purple circles in set locations in the room. These will need one player in each of them to absorb the damage of the blade when it reaches the floor. If no players are inside a circle, it will deal damage to the entire raid.

    Brynja's Mournful Dirge - This Val'kyr will mark multiple ranged DPS and Healer players with small circles around them. Any players inside of these after 6 seconds will take a large burst of Shadow damage in addition to the targeted player.

    Arthura's Crushing Gaze - This Val'kyr will channel a meteor style effect on a single player. After the 8-second channel has completed, a large amount of Frost damage dealt to all players inside. The damage splits with all players inside. 

    Phase 2 (Skyja)

    At the start of this phase, you will have all 3 bosses active. You should prioritise finishing Signe to remove the necessity for interrupts and then Kyra.


     Pierce Soul - This is the tank swap of the phase. Each stack will reduce healing received (and movement speed) by 10%.

    Resentment - Passive raid damage. Low amounts of Shadow damage pulsing throughout the phase.

     Fragments of Destiny- 3 debuffs will go onto players in the raid. When dispelled, it will jump to the nearest player. Once all debuffs are on a single target, they will transform into a Shard of Destiny, leaving a patch of frost on the ground for the remainder of the encounter.

    [Heroic] Word of Recall - When cast the previous Call of the Val'kyr command will be repeated.

    [Heroic] Link Essence - Two players will be linked together and any damage taken will be shared with the linked partner at 60% effectiveness.

    Tank Damage Profile

    70% Physical
    25% Shadow
    45% Auto Attack 

    Kyra Swing Timer: 1.5s (Curse of Weakness 1.8s)

    Signe Swing Timer: 1.5s (Curse of Weakness 1.8s)

    Skyja Swing Timer: 1.5s (Curse of Weakness 1.8s)

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk


    Vengeance Demon Hunter


    Protection Paladin


    Protection Warrior


    Guardian Druid


    Blood Death Knight


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