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Guardian of the First Ones

Updated on 7/6/2021, 11:17:09

Pulled by the Jailer's chains from a distant, unknown realm, this malfunctioning guardian seeks to protect the inscrutable knowledge known as "cyphers". It uses the last of its power to obliterate any who would attempt to plunder the secrets of its enigmatic makers.

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    Fight Summary

    This is a single-phase encounter where your time limit is based on handling the fight's mechanics. This will be the "patchwerk" fight of the raid, where high DPS and mechanical play levels will be key to beating the soft-enrage of running out of Energy Cores.

    Energy Management

    The boss will have an energy bar with a maximum of 60 energy. Mechanics they cast will reduce this energy amount.

    Purging Protocol - When the boss reaches 0 energy Purging Protocol will be cast repeatedly. Each cast increases the damage Purging Protocol deals by 100%. However, Purging Protocol will also destroy all active Sentries

    You will want at least one cast of Purging Protocol to happen to kill the Sentries.

    Moving the boss into an Energy Core will stop Purging Protocol and make the boss link with the Energy Core with Energizing Link. Whilst Energizing Link is active, the boss will still cast Disintegration and Threat Neutralization. Because of this, the raid should all be positioned on the boss to allow for easier movement from the mechanics.

    Whilst Energizing Link is active. The core provides a protective barrier for the raid around it with Radiant Energy. If you are not inside the Radiant Energy barrier, you will take a near-lethal amount of Arcane damage from Unstable Energy

    When the Energy Core is empty, it will start to Meltdown. The raid will have 6 seconds to move away from it before it explodes.

    Boss Abilities

     Elimination Pattern - This is the tank swap of the encounter. On Normal mode, it is relatively straightforward as it will only have one ability in the "combo", which is Sunder.

    During raid testing, the tank combo would not happen if the boss was linked to an Energy Core.

     Sunder - A large amount of Physical damage will be dealt to all players within 6 yards of the tank, and any players hit will be debuffed, increasing their damage taken from Sunder by 300% for 20 seconds. The tanks must not be stood on each other.

      [Heroic] Obliterate - This ability is added into the combo on Heroic and will happen directly after Sunder. Obliterate deals a large burst of Physical damage to the tank directly and splits a considerable amount of Arcane damage to players within 6 yards. The tank for this hit must be stood on other players to split the damage.

    The Tank Combo on Heroic is: Sunder (Tank 1) > Obliterate (Half the raid - Melee?) > Obliterate (Half the raid - Ranged?)> Sunder (Tank 2)

    Disintegration - This beam will target a random player. Anyone stood within the beam will take a large burst of Arcane damage and have a DoT applied to them for 6 seconds.

    Threat Neutralization - Three players will be targeted by Threat Neutralization, and after 4 seconds an attack will fire at their location damaging them and any players within 10 yards.

    Players with Threat Neutralization should move away from others. As you are trying to optimise your DPS on this encounter, it makes more sense for 3 people to move rather than up to 27.

    Sentry Orbs

    The boss will spawn these Sentrys throughout the fight with Form Sentry. Whilst they are active, they move around the room in a random pattern and deal damage randomly to the raid with Sentry Fire.

    In addition to the damage dealt, any players who are close to a Sentry will be silenced and take damage from their Suppression Field.

    Tank Damage Profile

    70% Physical
    30% Arcane
    55% Auto Attack 

    Swing Timer: 3s (Curse of Weakness 3.6s)

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk


    Vengeance Demon Hunter


    Protection Paladin


    Protection Warrior


    Guardian Druid


    Blood Death Knight


    All Tanks icon All Tanks
    Blood icon Blood
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