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Fatescribe Roh-Kalo

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Once a fatescribe entrusted with Korthia's countless secrets, the Mawsworn seized Roh-Kalo and bound him to the Jailer's will. With Torghast's power at his disposal, Roh-Kalo seeks to author a new fate for the Shadowlands.

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    Fight Summary

    This is a three-phase encounter with intermission phases. The core themes of this fight revolve around the runes on the floor in the room and putting them in their correct locations.

    Phase 1 (100%)

    Invoke Destiny - This is the main tank mechanic of the fight. The tank will have this debuff applied to them, and after 8 seconds, the damage will be dealt to the raid based on their distance from the tank. It will deal a large burst of Shadow damage to the tank and spawn a Shade of Destiny. This add will fixate the tank that spawned it. If it reaches the tank, it will trigger Overwhelming Burden, dealing a large amount of raid damage.

    Diviner's Probe - After a tank swap happens, the boss will do a series of magical attacks against the new tank.

    Fated Conjunction - These beams will come from the walls and hit all the way to the other side of the room. The beams will cover two opposite quarters of the room.

    RaidPlan Link

    Call of Eternity - 3 players will be targeted with this mechanic. A large shadowy ring will be placed around the player for 8 seconds. When the debuff expires, it will deal damage to any players within 20 yards.

    It was possible to pre-immune this to prevent it from spawning on testing.

    [Heroic] Echo of Eternity - When Call of Eternity expires, it will leave an Echo of Eternity behind, which will also show the same shadowy ring and explode on the next set of Call of Eternity debuffs. Only one set of Echo's will be active at a time.


    This phase begins once the boss has reached 60% or 35% health. During the intermissions, the boss will cast Realign Fate which reduces his damage taken by 99%, and the Loom of Fates will spin, moving all of the runes out of order. Half of the raid will be given the Runic Affinity, which allows them to interact with the runes in the room and move them back in position. If, after 40 seconds, the Runes are not back in position, the raid will be killed via Darkest Destiny.

    To move the runes, players with Realign Fate will need to enter them, and the direction they move is based on the number of players inside them:

    Realignment: Counterclockwise - If an even amount of players (2 players) are inside a rune, it will move counter-clockwise.

    Realignment: Clockwise - If an odd amount of players (1 player) are inside a rune, it will move clockwise.

    RaidPlan Link

    Unstable Accretion - Unavoidable damage to the entire raid. This will be dealt every 3 seconds until the Loom of Fates has been realigned.

    Fatespawn Monstrosity

    These adds will spawn during the intermission and will be the priority of the players without Runic Affinity.

    Whilst they are alive, they will gain stacks of Monstrosity's Boon, which increases their Physical damage dealt by 10% per stack.

    Despair - This cast should be interrupted as a priority. If any casts are successful, the raid will take a large burst of Shadow damage and be slowed by 20% for 6 seconds.

    Fatescribe Anomaly

    These adds will spawn from the portals around the room. They will spam cast Anomalous Blast and should be CC'd, and any spare interrupts can go on these.

    Fate Fragments

    These orbs will spawn from the portals the Fatescribe Anomalies came from during the intermission. If anyone touches them, they will take a large burst of Shadow damage, and their movement speed will be slowed by 33% for 7 seconds.

    I would advise players with immunities to soak these such as Hunters, Rogues or Paladins.

    Phase 2 (60%)

    This is the same as Phase 1. When the boss reaches 35% health, a second intermission will begin.

    Phase 3 (35%)

    In this final phase of the encounter, the boss will be casting Extemporaneous Fate in addition to all of his other abilities.

    Extemporaneous Fate - This allows the boss to adjust the Loom of Fates. This is functionally similar to the intermission. However, you will only have 30 seconds to place the Runes back in the correct positions. As with the intermission, if the runes are not back in position after this time, the raid will be killed via Darkest Destiny.

    Tank Damage Profile

    75% Physical
    25% Shadow
    Auto Attack 

    Swing Timer: 1.5s (Curse of Weakness 1.8s)

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Brewmaster Monk


    Vengeance Demon Hunter


    Protection Paladin


    Protection Warrior


    Guardian Druid


    Blood Death Knight


    All Tanks icon All Tanks
    Blood icon Blood
    Brewmaster icon Brewmaster
    Vengeance icon Vengeance
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