Season 2 Affix: Tormented

Updated on 7/6/2021, 4:23:01

Since the Tormented affix has a lot more to it than previous seasonal affixes, we have dedicated an entire page to catching you up on the various mechanics this introduces. Be ready to get sick of the word Lieutenant as you'll be hearing it a lot!

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    Tormented Affix Overview

    The new affix for season 2 of Shadowlands is reminiscent of BFA's Awakened affix but with the Jailer putting his own twist on things!

    Scattered throughout every dungeon are 4 Lieutenants, each with their own mechanics and specific perks for killing them.

    If you kill a Lieutenant

    You will get the choice between 3 anima powers that you get to keep throughout the dungeon.

    • Some of these are generic powers that are given as an option to everyone while others are ROLE dependent (so all tanks will get the same options regardless of class)
    • These choices are linked to the Lieutenant that you kill so you will know exactly what to expect from each one
    • They scale with your gear (attack power and versatility mostly), NOT with the key level
    • The choices are explained below under each Lieutenant's category

    If you skip a Lieutenant and don't kill them

    The end boss for the dungeon will gain the Lieutenant's aura (shown below in the mechanics section)

    • The location of some lieutenants makes it virtually impossible to ever skip them, so this will not always be possible
    • It also means you won't get that Lieutenant's anima powers
      • Check in with your group members before a run to see if any of the Lieutenants are must haves for their class or spec as it might mean you gain more than you lose by taking the time to kill them
      • The value of the anima powers from Lieutenants further into the dungeon can be less valuable as you'll get less time to reap the benefits from them
    • Whether you want to skip them will be dependent on MANY factors including: your group's skill level, the specific Lieutenant, the dungeon (and subsequent difficulty of the final boss), and the other affixes in play.
      • This means there is no one size fits all answer to "should I skip this"
      • This introduces a lot of possible variety in routing, skips, and strategy. As you get more comfortable in the season you may find yourself capable of skipping more than you thought originally.

    Incinerator Arkolath

    AURA: Groupwide DoT effect
    • Scorching Blast - don’t stand in the fire (max 3 patches up at once)
    • Inferno - heal through the AoE group damage
    • Melt Soul - applied to 2 random players, increases fire damage taken by 100% per stack
    • Can be magic dispeled (prioritize high stacks or players with low defensives)
    • Can be applied to pets so even temporarily taking them out is good

    Tank Anima Choices:

    Champion's Brand - increases your Mastery or Crit (whatever is highest) by 210 but ONLY while above 70% health

    Crumbling Bulwark - default pick - passive 5% versatility increase and when you start combat your damage taken is reduced by 40% for 3 seconds

    The Fifth Skull - while there are 5 enemies within 10 yards of you,  pulse shadow damage around yourself every 5 seconds (caps at damaging 5 targets)

    Oros Coldheart

    AURA: 50% Movement Speed Reduction
    • Biting Cold - spread minimum 10 yards away from each other 
    • Frost Lance - sidestep frontal cone
    • Cold Snap - move out of swirlies

    Tank Anima Power Choices:

    Handbook of Uncivil Etiquette - default pick - after interrupting an enemy you deal 10% more damage to it for 8 seconds

    Huntsman's Horn - As soon as you enter combat you gain 70% movement speed for 6 seconds

    Pendant of the Martyr - situational pick - you reduce the damage taken from area-of-effect attacks to any party member standing within 10 yards of you (including yourself)
    (In Sanguine Depths on high keys you may want to consider this for your group as it is very beneficial on both the second and third boss, as well as the gauntlet before the last boss)

    Executioner Varruth

    AURA: 50% Reduction in Healing Received
    • Sever - physical tank hit with a bleed
    • Carnage - targets a random player and applies a bleed to them
    • Spread 5 yards apart when this comes out
    • Wave of Terror - fears anyone that is not within 6 yards of another player
    • You’ll need to stack for this but be careful to spread back out for the next Carnage cast

    Tank Anima Power Choices:

    Champion's Brand - situational pick - increases your Mastery or Crit (whatever is highest) by 210 but ONLY while above 70% health
    (if you REALLY desperately need some defensive value go with this but Barb's is extremely valuable and should not be given up lightly)

    The Stygian King's Barbs - default choice - when you are melee'd, deal 2% of your health back as shadow damage

    Siegebreaker's Stand -  standing still gains you a stacking damage dealt buff of 4% per stack (you gain 1 stack per second up to 3 stacks). At 3 stacks you also gain 10% armor.

    Soggodon the Breaker

    AURA: Increases Physical Damage Taken by 50%
    • Crush - physical damage hit to the tank
    • Will pull you in if you are within 60 yards -- makes this next to impossible to kite/outrange!
    • Seismic Wave - heal through the AoE group damage
    • Bindings of Misery - pulls players in and roots them
    • Immediately after this he will begin an 8 second cast of Massive Smash
    • Damage the bindings to free yourself and your party and run out of the Massive Smash before he finishes the cast

    Tank Anima Power Choices:

    The Stone Ward - default pick - gain a shield for 20% of your health every 45 seconds

    Broken Mirror - situational pick - reduces your magic damage taken by 15%
    (the only use case I can think of for this is Halls of Atonement as the third boss onwards is magic damage heavy and he's currently positioned right before that section of the dungeon)

    Dripping Fang - gain leech based on your missing health (ranging from 5% to 20%)