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Huntsman Altimor

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Sire Denathrius seldom engages in the hunts himself, but Altimor makes certain the master has the finest beasts should he ever choose to indulge. Margore, Barghast, and Hecutis has been trained longer than most beasts have existed, and each is ready to deliver the Huntsman's wrath to any in his domain

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    Fight Summary

    During this encounter you will fight against Huntsman Altimor and his beasts. The boss shares health with his beasts via Huntsman's Bond, and only one beast will be active at a time. Try to keep the beast next to the boss where possible for cleave DPS to make the fight faster.

    Throughout all phases of the encounter the Huntsman will have access to the following abilities:

    Spreadshot - The Huntsman will face towards a random non-tank raid member and shoot in a cone. This will deal a moderate amount of Physical damage. However due to the infrequency of this, its not crucial for the raid to try and mitigate this by spreading too much.

    Sinseeker - The Huntsman will mark up to 3 players and when the cast ends he will fire at them, and anyone in the path of the Sinseeker will be hit and have a bleed on them. There will be a very noticeable visual indicator for this. Immunities work to completely negate the ability, however people in the path will still be hit.

    Broken Bond - When all 3 of the beasts have been defeated the Huntsman will take 100% more damage. (This will trigger at 10% boss health)

    Phase 1 (Margore)

     Jagged Claws- This is the main tank mechanic of the phase. It is a stacking bleed and you will want to swap at around 2-3 stacks. 

    Vicious LungeMargore will target a random non-tank player and a targeting circle will appear around them. After 6 seconds, Margore will leap at that player and deal a very large/lethal amount of Physical damage however this is split with all players nearby. You will generally want to soak this with ~4 players.

    [Heroic] Vicious LungeOn heroic difficulty this will apply Vicious Wound to all people hit. Because of this you will not want to soak this with the entire raid, but a smaller group of players.

    When Margore dies Bargast will be released from his cage.

    Phase 2 (Bargast)

    Bargast spawns on the West side of the room.

    Shades of Bargast - This ability occurs every ~minute and Bargast will spawn two Shade adds. They will spawn to the left and right of Bargast. They will attempt to cast Deathly Roar which should be stopped using Crowd Control abilities as you are unable to interrupt these Shades. Whilst the Shades are under a Crowd Control effect they will receive a stack of Destabilize which increases their damage taken by 100%.

    When the Shades reach full energy they will become immune to Crowd Control.

    Rip Soul - This is the tank mechanic of the phase. There are no required swaps between the tanks, however the tank with the highest amount of magical damage reduction or immunities available should be tanking Bargast as when Rip Soul is cast the health% of the add is based on the health% of the tank. The higher the health the better! This soul will then travel towards the boss. If the soul reaches the Huntsman he will gain the Devour Soul buff which increases damage dealt by 200% for 1 minute. 

    If the tank player is at full health (or immunes the cast) the add will spawn at 90% health.

    [Heroic] Rip Soul The heroic change to this ability is that the soul that spawns will now pulse damage to the raid every 2 seconds via Unstable Soul.

    When Bargast dies Hecutis will be released from their cage.

    Phase 3 (Hecutis)

    Hecutis spawns on the East side of the room.

    Crushing Stone - Each swing from Hecutis gives him a stack of this (this includes dodge/parry). This increases his Physical damage dealt by 50%. These stacks can be removed by moving Hecutis however when he moves he will lose a stack of Crushing Stone and trigger raid wide damage in the form of Shattering StoneTry to not clear stacks at the same time as Sinseeker.

    Petrifying Howl - This is the soft enrage of the phase. Several non-tank players will be picked and have the 8 second debuff applied to them. During this time they will be increasingly slowed by 5% per second and take a small amount of Nature damage. After 8 seconds they will deal a moderate amount of Nature damage to themselves and anyone within 10 yards and create a patch of Stone Shards at their location. These Stone Shard patches are permanent.


    On Mythic Sinseeker gains an additional effect each phase (and keeps the effects from previous phases)

    Phase 1

    Vicious Bolt - This causes the Sinseeker to deal a Lethal amount of damage to the player targeted, however this damage is split between all players in the Sinseeker. To counter this you will want at least 3 people soaking each one, you do not want too many people to soak this as everyone hit still gets the bleed from Sinseeker.

    Phase 2

    Pierce Soul - This causes all players hit by Sinseeker to now spawn a Pierced Soul which functions in the same way the Rip Soul mechanic works. They spawn based on the health % from the player and will will need to be healed to 100% to despawn. If they reach the Huntsman he will gain the Devour Soul buff and deal 200% increased damage for 1 minute.

    Phase 3

    Shatter Shot - Anyone hit by Sinseeker will now deal a moderate amount of Nature damage to all players within 5 yards. This means that you will need to soak in a line, and that this additional damage means that Pierce Soul adds will now spawn on a lower health % from the additional damage taken.

    This section will be updated once a strategy has been devised for Mythic on live servers

    Tank Damage Profile

    95% Physical
    80% Auto Attack/Shoot 

    Swing Timer Huntsman: 2s (Curse of Weakness 2.4s)

    Swing Timer Beasts: 1.5s (Curse of Weakness 1.8s)

    Class Tips/Tricks

    Blessing of Proection or Phial of Serenity can be used to remove stacks of Jagged Claws..

    Brewmaster Monk

    Celestial Brew should be available for each Rip Soul cast.

    Ring of Peace can knock a Shades of Bargast if its too close to the raid.

    Paralysis can be used as a CC on the Shades of Bargast to apply Destabilize stacks.

    Leg Sweep / Paralysis can be used to stop a cast of Deathly Roar on the Shades of Bargast.

    Remember to Touch of Death the beasts during the encounter, you will get multiple uses during the encounter. For extra DPS you can use it on a Shade when its low HP.

    Vengeance Demon Hunter

    Imprison works as a CC for the Shades of Bargast.

    Strong option for tanking Bargast as very effectively mitigate the damage from Rip Soul with Fiery Brand.

    Infernal Strike is great to move in and out with Bargast.

    Sigil of Misery can be used as a CC on the Shades of Bargast to apply Destabilize stacks.

    Sigil of Chains can be used to stop a cast of Deathly Roar on the Shades of Bargast.

    Protection Paladin

    Blessing of Protection and Divine Shield will remove Jagged Claws.

    Blessing of Spellwarding and Divine Shield can be used to immune the hit from Rip Soul (this will make the add spawn on 90% health).

    Hammer of Justice and Blinding Light can be used to stop a cast of Deathly Roar on the Shades of Bargast.

    Protection Warrior

    Strong option for tanking Bargast as very effectively mitigate the damage from Rip Soul with Spell Reflection / Shield Wall and Ignore Pain.

    Shockwave can be used as a CC on the Shades of Bargast to apply Destabilize stacks.

    Heroic Leap is great to move back to boss after Rip Soul with Bargast.

    Rallying Cry will likely be assigned during Sinseeker.

    Guardian Druid

    Always have a cooldown active for Rip Soul. Barkskin and/or Survival Instincts.

    Hibernate can be used as a CC on the Shades of Bargast to apply Destabilize stacks.

    Incapacitating Roar (and if required Hibernate) can be used to stop a cast of Deathly Roar on the Shades of Bargast.

    Blood Death Knight

    Anti-Magic Shell will not be available for every Rip Soul cast. Would advise having a rotation with your co-tank of these to ensure high cooldown coverage is had so that Souls do not spawn on high health.

    When a Shades of Bargast is above 20 stacks of Destabilize, use Death Grip to bring it into the raid (if both are nearby use Gorefiend's Grasp).

    Death Grip and Asphyxiate can be used to stop a cast of Deathly Roar on the Shade of Bargast.

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